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Self check-in at B&B Hotels in Italy

Easy, fast and safe check-ins with your Automatic Receptionist


Checking in has never been easier at B&B Hotels in Italy*! To guarantee maximum safety, check in from 2pm in complete autonomy, without risk and with guaranteed assistance.

The automatic receptionist will help you to carry out all the necessary steps to check-in quickly and intuitively; all you have to do is bring your reservation number and credit card with you (PIN required). Once you have finished registering your documents, the automatic reception will provide you with your room number and access code.

If you arrive after 11pm and don't have a reservation, don't worry! With the automatic reception you can proceed with the purchase of your room in a few minutes.

Check-out is even faster! B&B Hotels allow you to leave your room and hotel without having to go through the reception, since all the procedures are carried out at the time of check-in.