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Discover Southern Europe


Do you dream of visiting beaches, enjoying the sun and discovering other traditions and ways of life, without having to travel thousands of kilometers? What if you went on holiday to Southern Europe? Your days will be action-packed, between outings, cultural visits, shopping and relaxation by the sea.

Browse our selection of destinations and enjoy a wonderful holiday!



Spain is the ideal destination for those who love spending the day in the sun... but that’s not all it has to offer! If you want to experience an enriching stay while enjoying glorious weather by the sea, we can highly recommend the city of Barcelona, in Catalonia.
Enjoy tapas tasting, excursions to coves with turquoise waters and visits to museums and monuments, while immersing yourself in picturesque neighborhoods and flamenco shows. And if you come with your family, children will enjoy visiting the Barcelona Aquarium and Zoo.
Given that there’s no shortage of activities in the city, there’s something for both young and old. Come to Barcelona and experience all that Spain has to offer!



Ah, Italy... There’s so much to say about this country, and even more to discover! Between its enchanting cities, grandiose monuments, friendly inhabitants and delicious culinary specialties, how could you not be charmed by the country?

We invite you to discover Rome and its wonders: visit the Colosseum where gladiator fights took place and the Roman Forum to observe the remains of a bygone era. Then, climb to the top of the Palatine Hill, the former residence district of the emperors.
Enjoy an ice cream in the cobbled streets and don't forget to throw a coin into the Trevi Fountain, a real ritual for passing travelers. Are you tempted?



Portugal attracts many tourists every year, who come to enjoy its mild and pleasant climate. Are you tempted to visit the sunniest country in Europe? Take a tour of Lisbon, the capital, a delightful coastal city that will charm you with its unique ambiance.
During your stay in Lisbon, we advise you to take the famous yellow tram (Tram 28) to visit the city center. You can head to Commerce Square, discover Pena Palace and spend an evening at Bairro Alto, a lively area known for its bars, restaurants and nightclubs.
And, to make the most of your stay, be sure to sample pasteis de nata, famous Portuguese pastries, and catch a fado show. You won't regret it!