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  • Country Christmas Cremona Hotel B&B
  • 07/04/202008/04/2020
  • 1 room , 1 adult
  • 1 room , 1 guest

Country Christmas Cremona

From 07 April 2020 to 08 April 2020 | Cremona

3 days of pure fun at the Christmas Country in Cremona. International choreographers and DJs will create a unique atmosphere in which experts and novices can have fun dancing to the rhythm of country music.
In addition to dancing, during the days of the festival you can attend Futurity: the most important reining championship in Europe and walk in the Western Market, the market full of country style proposals such as food, accessories, jewelry, toys and clothing.

Whether you want to participate alone or with your dance school you just have to book your stay, save money by choosing a hotel in Cremona cheap but comfortable and with all the smart services you could want: B&B Hotel Cremona, just 5 minutes drive from the Fair of Cremona and well connected to the city center.

Country Christmas Cremona

From to
Piazza Ennio Zelioli Lanzini, 1
Cremona , Italy
3281563039 Country Christmas
From 07/04/2020
To 08/04/2020