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Last update : 22/08/2023


Who can post an offer on the Website?
Only professional managers (the Managers) can publish offers to market stays to professional and consumer clients (the Clients)

Description of the service of establishing the connection  
The purpose of the Website is to put professional Managers in contact with professional and consumer clients (the Clients).
Clients can reserve stays at B&B HOTELS hotels on the Website. The price of the stays is fixed by the Manager and paid by the Client to the Manager.
In this context, CASPER BIDCO, the online platform operator, only acts as an intermediary between the Managers and the Clients.. 

Price of the service of establishing the connection 
CASPER BIDCO does not charge any fees for establishing the connection to the Manager or to the Client.
The Client will pay directly for the reservation of their stay, and if necessary, they will pay for any additional services related to their stay to the Manager.. 

Insurance and guarantees offered 
CASPER BIDCO does not provide any guarantee or insurance to Clients. 
Specific hotel terms and conditions can be decided between the Manager and the Client if required.

Procedures of settlement of disputes 
CASPER BIDCO will not play any role in the settlement of disputes between the Manager and the Client.
Where required, CASPER BIDCO will only send the complaint to the Manager concerned, who shall then manage any dispute between itself and the Client.



To be able to become a Manager and sell stays through the Website, the Manager must have the status of a professional as defined by the French case-law and the law. In this regard, it is expressly stated that the Manager is a natural or legal person who acts for purposes falling within the context of its commercial, industrial, artisanal, liberal or agricultural activity, including when it acts in the name of or on behalf of another professional.

All hotels operated under the B&B HOTELS brand are listed, regardless of the mode of operation: franchisees, representative managers or employees.

Hotels of certain Managers will also be listed under the "Inspired By B&B HOTELS" brand.

In case of a serious breach by the Manager of one of its obligations provided for in the contract binding it to the Operator, and after a formal notice sent and a suspension of access to the services have remained ineffective, the offers of stays of the Manager could be delisted..



The Managers' offers are classified by default based on the following criteria:

In case of a search by city or point of interest, the hotels are classified by distance from the place sought. 

On the cities pages, the order is decided by country. 

Finally, the offers are classified based on price, with the cheapest offer always being displayed first. 

The classification can be voluntarily modified by the user. The sorting function will allow classifying the hotels according to different criteria such as distance, cheapest price and best client rating. The filter function will allow the User to limit the display of the hotels according to the criteria chosen by them, such as the price range, facilities and services available, client ratings or the type of hotel. .The hotels will then be listed in a customised manner as per the recommendations of an intelligent algorithm that will take into account the habits of the Client, prioritising their tastes according to their purchase history or their browsing to facilitate their reservation on the B&B HOTELS website. 

The Operator does not have any capital link or any legal dependency with any of the Managers listed on the Website that could influence the ranking or listing of the offers.