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  • Ravensburg
  • 16 Apr. 202417 Apr. 2024
    16 Apr.17 Apr.
  • 1 room, 1 adult
  • 1 room, 1 guest

City of Ravensburg - Relaxed flair at Lake Constance, 1 hotel

The city of Ravensburg is an extremely popular place to go for a vacation on Lake Constance. Here, cyclists and walkers get their money's worth as well as nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts who want to explore the surroundings of Ravensburg on a hike. But the city center of Ravensburg also has a lot to offer - numerous shopping opportunities, a distinctive gastronomy and the many students make the city of Ravensburg a young place with a relaxed flair. 
Don't miss out on the advantages of Ravensburg and visit us at B&B Hotel Ravensburg. Here you can stay overnight centrally and inexpensively so that nothing stands in the way of your successful vacation in Ravensburg. 


The round tower was built from 1425 to 1429 to repel attacks from the castle higher up. It owes its name to its color and shape, which is reminiscent of flour sacks. With its 51 meters it is visible from afar and is considered the landmark of Ravensburg. Tower tours are offered on Sundays from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. during the summer months.

Mehlsackweg 10
88212 Ravensburg , Germany

Museum District of Ravensburg

Four modern museums make Ravensburg's upper town a center of attraction for those
culturally interested. The Museum Humpis-Quartier, the Art Museum, the Museum
Ravensburger Museum and the Business Museum offer a wide range of exciting and inspiring
exciting and inspiring exhibitions.

88212 Ravensburg, Germany

Blaserturm Ravensburg

The tower was part of the city fortification until the 14th century. Due to the city expansion, it moved to the center of the city and was henceforth used as a central fire watch, clock and spy tower. Today visitors enjoy the good view. Tower tours are possible during the season Monday-Saturday 11 am to 4 pm.

Marienplatz 28
88212 Ravensburg, Germany

Gastronomy Ravensburg

After a long day in the Ravensburger Spieleland we recommend a hearty meal in the restaurant. Ravensburg offers a variety of possibilities. Especially popular is the Swabian cuisine, which includes specialties such as Maultaschen, Cheese Spätzle or Onion Roast Roast with Spätzle. The Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University attracts many young people to Ravensburg, so the streets are always lively. There are numerous bars in Ravensburg where you can end the evening with an aperitif.

88212 Ravensburg, Germany

City of Ravensburg - Short vacation at the Bodensee

Ravensburg has a lot of potential for the perfect short vacation on Lake Constance. In addition to the relaxed flair of the city, you will benefit above all from its proximity to Lake Constance. You can rent bicycles directly in Ravensburg or travel with your own bikes to explore the well-developed network of bicycle paths around Lake Constance. For a smaller bike tour around Lake Constance, Lindau or Meersburg are recommended as destinations. Both cities are picturesquely beautiful, so it is best to plan some time on site. If you are looking for a challenge and are fit for sports, plan a bike tour around Lake Constance. The distance is about 270 km, for which most cyclists need three days.
A somewhat more relaxed, but at least as nice destination is the Locherholz game reserve with wild animals, climbing facilities and slides. After a hike in Ravensburg, enjoy the cooling shade of the forest here. A relaxed barbecue evening at one of the public barbecue areas of the game reserve will round off the day perfectly.

37434 Bodensee, Germany