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  • Offenbach Hotel B&B
  • 26/05/202027/05/2020
  • 1 room , 1 adult
  • 1 room , 1 guest

Offenbach, 1 hotel

Offenbach am Main – more than just the small neighbour of Frankfurt

Offenbach is a lively city located right on the Main river. The atmosphere in Offenbach is characterised by the up-and-coming creative scene and the students who gather by the Main or in cafés. Despite, or maybe because of its proximity to Frankfurt, Offenbach can often be overlooked but it’s definitely worth the trip. The city is a place to leave the stress of the big city behind, while still enjoying a great location and good transport links. At B & B Hotel Offenbach we offer you centrally located, affordable accommodation for your business or city trip.

Explore the city of Offenbach and its surroundings

The city of Offenbach is easy to get around with most of its sights and hotspots easily explored on foot. In addition, you can use public transport, including S-Bahn train lines, various inner-city and regional bus lines. If you are planning a trip to the metropolis of Frankfurt, you can use the well-connected rail network. In just 15 minutes you can reach Frankfurt Central Station from Offenbach Market Square to quickly connect to the multi-faceted city. Tourists can make use of the “Hessenticket” or a day ticket, which can be purchased as a single or group ticket and is valid in Offenbach and the surrounding area.