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  • Offenbach
  • 23 Apr. 202424 Apr. 2024
    23 Apr.24 Apr.
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Offenbach, 2 hotels

Offenbach am Main – more than just the small neighbour of Frankfurt

Offenbach is a lively city located right on the Main river. The atmosphere in Offenbach is characterised by the up-and-coming creative scene and the students who gather by the Main or in cafés. Despite, or maybe because of its proximity to Frankfurt, Offenbach can often be overlooked but it’s definitely worth the trip. The city is a place to leave the stress of the big city behind, while still enjoying a great location and good transport links. At B & B Hotel Offenbach we offer you centrally located, affordable accommodation for your business or city trip.

The Offenbach weather park: where science and relaxation come together

If you have always wanted to know how weather phenomena occur or if you want to relax in the midst of green surroundings, then the Offenbach Weather Park is the right place for you. Here is something for the whole family. The recreation park offers a weather station, an over nine meter high observation tower and numerous stations that explain climatic phenomena such as thunderstorms, air pressure or wind. The park is also a good stopover for a bicycle tour.

Museum Offenbach - travel through country and leather history

The German Leather Museum Offenbach has a comprehensive collection of objects from all cultures and epochs. Those interested in the history of leather craftsmanship can travel back over 6000 years. But - just like the city itself - the Museum Offenbach has its finger on the pulse of time: in changing exhibitions, current trends on the fashion scene and discussions about sustainable living are taken up here.

For those who would like to immerse themselves in Offenbach's history, we also recommend the Haus der Stadtgeschichte, which is located in a former tobacco factory.

Relaxation at Offenbach harbour

With the conversion of the former Offenbach harbour, a hip, relaxed location has developed in the middle of the industrial city. This is also where the "Blue Crane" can be found - a walk-in work of art from which one has a wonderful view over the Offenbach harbour. It is the symbol of Offenbach's development from an industrial to a creative city. And if you need a break from sightseeing, you can enjoy Offenbach's sunny days with the students of the Hochschule für Gestaltung on the numerous green spaces in the middle of an urban atmosphere. The University of Applied Sciences has a great influence on the city: not only do the many students bring a fresh breeze into everyday life in the city, they also have a lasting effect on Offenbach's creative industry.

Explore the city of Offenbach and its surroundings

The city of Offenbach is easy to get around with most of its sights and hotspots easily explored on foot. In addition, you can use public transport, including S-Bahn train lines, various inner-city and regional bus lines. If you are planning a trip to the metropolis of Frankfurt, you can use the well-connected rail network. In just 15 minutes you can reach Frankfurt Central Station from Offenbach Market Square to quickly connect to the multi-faceted city. Tourists can make use of the “Hessenticket” or a day ticket, which can be purchased as a single or group ticket and is valid in Offenbach and the surrounding area.

Arrival to Offenbach am Main

Offenbach's proximity to Frankfurt is not only an advantage for a weekend trip, but also offers good connections for travelers and business people. Offenbach can be easily reached by car, train and even by plane. If you arrive by car, the best way to reach the city is via the A43, A448 or A661. By train, there is the possibility to reach Offenbach main station with regional trains or with the S-Bahn S1/2 (from Frankfurt) and the lines S8/9 (from Mainz). If you want to arrive by plane, it is best to land at Frankfurt airport and you can either take the regional train or bus line 61 directly to Frankfurt main station and then take the train to Offenbach. B&B Hotels is looking forward to your visit!

Worth seeing in Offenbach

The forest zoo Offenbach

The forest zoo in Offenbach offers a variety of about 200 animals. Some of the zoo's inhabitants, such as goats, roam freely unfenced and are just waiting to be fed by children's hands. The Wald Zoo was founded in 1965 by a forester who had taken in injured animals. At the present time, the animals often come from farms or zoos that have been closed down.

Waldstraße 275
63075 Offenbach am Main, Germany


The Volkspark Büsing Park is located on the Main River. In 1970, it was laid out in the style of an English landscape garden and initially belonged to the mansion of Bernard and d'Orville, who both ran a family factory. Nowadays, the park often hosts events such as the Festival of Lights, which takes place every year in August.

Kaiserstraße 79
63065 Offenbach am Main, Germany

The German Leather Museum

The German Leather Museum has a collection of works made of leather and related materials. However, for some time now, the assortment has also specifically included other exhibits made of alternative fabrics and materials. The oldest specimen in the museum's collection dates back to the 4th millennium BC. These are lovers' pants and slipcovers, but also samurai armor. For the first time the German Leather Museum opened its doors on March 13, 1917, and since then the museum has become very popular and a favorite destination for visitors.

Frankfurter Str. 86
63067 Offenbach, Germany

The Offenbach Castle

The Château de Rumpenheim also known as the Offenbach Castle is located on the banks of the Main River. The green area around it is known as the castle park and is often visited by walkers who admire the castle. The origin of the château can be traced back to the mansion of the politician Johann Georg Seifert.

Am Schloss
63075 Offenbach am Main, Germany