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  • Duisburg
  • 11 Jul. 202412 Jul. 2024
    11 Jul.12 Jul.
  • 1 room, 1 adult
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Cheap Hotels in Duisburg, 2 hotels

City of Duisburg: Much more beautiful than their reputation

Enjoy a carefree stay at our B&B hotels, whether on a business trip or a city break. Even if the city still has a touch of the dilapidated industrial charm from the time of the legendary Schimanski crime scene, today it presents itself as a modern and culturally exciting holiday destination. It offers extraordinary sights, iconic pubs and an astonishing amount of greenery.

Duisburg's industrial culture through the ages

You reach Duisburg in the middle of the Ruhr area, where coal was mined for many centuries and the landscape once seemed to sink under a dusty layer of coal. Today, the Ruhr area has shaken off the dust. Among them, a young country on the move has emerged – full of ideas and joie de vivre, with creative culture and a green landscape.

The city of Duisburg is located where the Ruhr flows into the Rhine. It extends on both sides of the two rivers. Closely squeezed between cities such as Mühlheim, Bottrop or Moers, it appears on the map. And yet it enchants with its very own identity. Almost half a million Duisburg citizens call the lively city their home. And the love of pot and the city shapes many of its inhabitants.

Adventure Duisburg – a great story!

Of course, when many people hear the name Duisburg, the first thing that comes to mind is the industrial history of the city. But its history goes back much further. Its earliest written mention dates back to 883. The first large factories settled at the mouth of the Rhine-Ruhr at the end of the 17th. century. 1716 was finally the founding year of the inland port as a transshipment point for trade, which flourished in the city.

This was followed by the rapid rise of Duisburg and the Ruhr area as the centre of coal mining and industry. The city and region became the main artery of the German economy, fuelled the industrial revolution and brought prosperity to the region. But also the negative sides of coal mining shaped the cityscape for a long time. Environmental degradation, air pollution, lung diseases. The phase-out of coal began at the end of the 20th century. In the nineteenth century, a restructuring of the building was made to progress towards an economic and cultural reorientation. This change was also evidenced by the fact that Duisburg and the Ruhr area became European Capital of Culture as RUHR.2010.

Experience Duisburg: A city trip with a difference

Are you looking for an inspiring experience? Then a city trip is just right for you. And this is especially true for a trip to Duisburg. No, she will not win the prize for the most beautiful city in the country. Get involved in the Duisburg adventure and you will award it another, very special prize: as a place where there is an incredible amount to discover.

Whether you choose our B&B HOTEL Duisburg Hbf-Süd or the B&B HOTEL Duisburg Hbf-Nord: You live comfortably in the heart of Duisburg. Both houses are located directly at the train station and are ideal as a starting point to explore the attractions of the city. Be it the old town, the museums, the Wedaustadion or the magnificent landscape park: Enjoy the slightly different metropolitan flair.

Attractive diversity of a former industrial region

The Duisburg Nord Landscape Park impressively shows how the transformation from a gigantic industrial site into a liveable local recreation area succeeds. The disused Meiderich iron and steel works is a green oasis, sports facility, indoor diving waters, hiking and cycling paradise, high ropes course, climbing wall - pure adventure! The park exudes an almost magical charm when the old industrial plants are spectacularly illuminated in the evening.

Get involved in the Duisburg experience and you will discover a hundred things that fascinate you. In Duisburg, for example, a viewpoint is not just a disdainful tower, but a huge walk-in roller coaster sculpture called Tiger & Turtle. Other highlights include the Duisburg Zoo, the Botanical Garden, the numerous museums and the diverse cultural events.

If you are looking for interesting information about the history of the city, you are right with the abundant museums in Duisburg. Here you will find numerous exhibits of the city's and shipping history, as well as paintings and sculptures by world-famous artists.


Active on the road in Duisburg

Hiking, cycling and nature experiences: The surprisingly green Duisburg also offers you this – for example in the Wedau Sports Park, on the Sechs-Seen-Platte, in the city forest or on the river banks. Maybe you want to relax and enjoy the flair of the city from the water? Then take a boat trip through the world's largest inland port.

Not only since the cult Tatort episodes with Commissioner Schimanski is it known that the heart of the city beats in the port of Duisburg. Thanks to many innovative ideas and developments, it now combines work, life, living and entertainment. It offers great locations for dining, going out and partying – so you can really relax and enjoy after all the sightseeing!

Pleasant and affordable accommodation in Duisburg at the B&B HOTEL

A business trip takes you to Duisburg? You want to watch a home game of MSV Duisburg? One of the numerous cultural festivals attracts you to the city? No matter why you travel to this fascinating Ruhr area city: In our B&B HOTEL Duisburg Hbf-Nord or the B&B HOTEL Duisburg Hbf-Süd an oasis of well-being awaits you in the middle of the city.

Our two hotels in Duisburg impress with comfortably furnished rooms with desk, wardrobe, beautiful bathroom and soundproof windows. As an attractive extra, you can receive Sky programmes free of charge on TV. You can check in around the clock, find a specially designed lounge with bar and snack machine in the lobby and have the option of helping yourself to the rich breakfast buffet.

Sights in Duisburg