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  • Böblingen
  • 24 Feb. 202425 Feb. 2024
    24 Feb.25 Feb.
  • 1 room, 1 adult
  • 1 room, 1 guest

Böblingen, 1 hotel

Welcome to the High-tech city of Böblingen

Böblingen is located about 20km south-west of Stuttgart. Countless well-known firms such as Siemens and Daimler AG are based here. The software centre at Böblingen/Sindelfingen alone occupies a huge technology park, which is home to more than 90 IT businesses. However, those looking for a spot of relaxation will also enjoy a visit to Böblingen. Lie back and take it easy in the mineral springs, explore the Mercedes-Benz-Werk in Sindelfingen, or take in the fresh air at the nearby Schönbuch national park. Irrespective of how you choose to spend your days, in the B&B HOTEL Böblingen you’ll have found the perfect place to spend the night.

Worth Seeing in Böblingen

Green Tower

In the restaurant "Grüner Turm" it is possible to have an excellent meal. The old Ackerbürgerhaus, which was built in the middle of the 16th century and is now a listed building, is now one of the most visited restaurants in Böblingen and definitely worth a visit. The kitchen offers them alternation between some specialties of Greek cuisine and also tries to convince them with their friendly nature.

Turmstraße 9
71032 Böblingen, Germany

The Town Church Böblingen

The Schlossberg of Böblingen has been known as a spiritual place for many hundreds of years. The town church dates back to the 13th century, but already had several porches. In the course of time it was enlarged and worked on until it collapsed during a bombing raid in the Second World War and only the outer walls remained. After the war, the church was rebuilt. Finally, in 1983, the last major renovation took place.
In 1983, the last major renovation took place.

Steile Gasse 4
71032 Böblingen, Germany

Schönbuchturm Böblingen

348 steps, 110 tons total weight and 3 viewing levels. Opened in June 2018, the Schönbucht Tower offers a 360° panoramic view of the surrounding nature reserve. In addition, the tower is central to other excursion destinations that you must have seen or experienced.

Schönbuchturm 1
71032 Böblingen, Germany

Peasant War Museum

On May 12, 1525, the rebellious peasants were bloodily defeated outside the city gates.
The German Peasant War Museum Böblingen in the medieval Zehnscheuer vividly shows the triggers and stations of the largest mass movement in German history. The exhibition pays tribute to the peasant leaders and their strategies, illuminates facts and their backgrounds. In addition to the inventory of the war events, the everyday life of the peasants is also described in more detail.

Pfarrgasse 2
71032 Böblingen , Germany