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  • Albstadt
  • 19 May 202420 May 2024
    19 May20 May
  • 1 room, 1 adult
  • 1 room, 1 guest

Albstadt, 1 hotel

Welcome to Albstadt: the town with historical charm and spectacular festivals

Are you ready for the cosy flair and romance of a beautiful small town? Albstadt in the Swabian Alb in Baden-Württemberg will delight you with its historic Hohenzollern Castle, picturesque old town and breathtaking natural surroundings. Look forward to cultural highlights such as the Albstadt Festival and regional cuisine in cosy restaurants.

Albstadt - the historical gem

Experience Albstadt's rich history, which is characterised by fascinating events. From prehistoric settlements to the foundation of the imposing Hohenzollern castle and the economic boom of the 19th century - every era has left its mark and makes Albstadt a popular tourist destination today.

Albstadt is a mosaic of lively neighbourhoods and offers a fascinating mix of history, culture and nature. Ebingen, the heart of the city, combines urban flair with the cosiness of a small Swabian town. Here you will find everything your heart desires: from historical sights to modern shopping opportunities. Each neighbourhood has its own character and treasures to offer. From the tranquil idyll of Tailfingen to the natural landscapes of Lautlingen and the industrial history of Truchtelfingen - Albstadt invites you to explore its diversity and discover the uniqueness of each individual neighbourhood. Get ready to experience the hidden gems of the Swabian Alb.

Hohenzollernburg: A treasure of history

As a landmark of the region, Hohenzollernburg Castle is an unmissable destination for every visitor. The castle was built in the 11th century and has undergone numerous renovations and restorations over the centuries. Its impressive architecture, which was mainly restored in the 19th century in neo-Gothic style under the patronage of Frederick William IV of Prussia, bears witness to the magnificent history of the Hohenzollern dynasty. The castle also houses an important art collection, including paintings, sculptures and historical artefacts, which offer insights into the past of the region and the noble family. From the battlements of the castle, you can enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view of the picturesque landscape of the Swabian Alb.

Hohenzollern Castle regularly hosts festivals and special events that transport visitors into the fascinating world of history and culture. A highlight in the castle's calendar of events is the annual festival, which includes a wide range of cultural performances. These events offer a unique opportunity to experience the historic setting of the castle in a special light. From open-air musical performances to theatrical presentations that bring the rich history of the Hohenzollerns to life, there is something to delight adults and children alike.

The summer theatre at Hohenzollern Castle is an outstanding cultural attraction that draws visitors from all over the world. With its picturesque setting and rich history, it offers an unrivalled open-air experience. The theatre's stage is surrounded by the imposing walls of the castle, which creates a unique atmosphere and lends a special drama to the performances. The summer theatre is known for its top-class productions, which range from classic dramas and comedies to modern plays and musicals.

In addition to the festivals, Hohenzollern Castle also organises special themed evenings, such as the "Midsummer Night's Dream", which creates a magical atmosphere by opening the castle grounds and its showrooms to visitors in the late evening hours. These evenings are enriched with entertainment by artists and musicians who bring the historical ambience to life. Relaxation areas with hammocks and atmospheric lighting complete the offer and make the visit an unforgettable experience.

Adventures in nature: discover the Swabian Alb

Countless adventures await in the Swabian Alb, a natural paradise that enchants with its impressive karst landscape and spectacular viewpoints. One highlight is hiking through the picturesque landscape, which is characterised by its unique geology and diverse flora and fauna. Or embark on a journey of discovery along the famous Traufgänge. These premium hiking trails take you along the impressive edges of the eaves, where breathtaking views and natural beauty are revealed. From easy walks to challenging tours - the eaves walks offer the right experience for every hiking enthusiast. Whether you want to enjoy the tranquillity of nature or explore the beauty of the Swabian Alb on foot, the Traufgänge offer the perfect outdoor experience for everyone.

Tieringen barefoot park: Nature experience for the senses

The barefoot park in Tieringen offers an unforgettable nature experience for those who want to take things a little easier. On a 1 km long path, you cross a variety of surfaces such as sand, grass and wood, which stimulate the senses and heighten awareness of the surroundings. In addition, special sensory stations along the path stimulate perception and promote an intensive experience of nature.

The charming setting of the park, surrounded by a mountain stream, green meadows and dense woodland, invites you to take a relaxing walk. Along the trail, visitors can discover various scented gardens and tactile elements that intensify the experience of nature. At the end of the trail, visitors will find a pleasant place to wash their feet and the opportunity to take off their shoes and spend the rest of the day barefoot.

Natural beauty you can touch: the Eyach drinking water reservoir in Albstadt

The Eyach drinking water reservoir is not only a vital reservoir for the region, but also a picturesque excursion destination that makes the hearts of nature lovers and those seeking relaxation beat faster. Nestled in the idyllic landscape of the Swabian Alb, the dam offers a fascinating backdrop for a range of leisure activities. Whether you are looking for a peaceful hike along the water, want to enjoy a relaxing boat trip or want to indulge in fishing - the Eyach drinking water reservoir has something for everyone. It is also the perfect place for a picnic in the midst of unspoilt nature.

Your culinary experience in Albstadt

Albstadt invites you to enjoy an unforgettable culinary experience that brings the diversity of flavours of the region to your plate. In addition to the traditional Swabian Maultaschen and Schupfnudeln served in the town's cosy restaurants and cafés, Albstadt offers a culinary journey that goes beyond the borders of the Swabian Alb. Discover the "Culinary Hike", a unique offer available from March to November that takes you on a flavourful journey of discovery through the picturesque landscape. Not only can you savour the freshness and quality of local produce, but you can also immerse yourself in the secrets of regional cuisine. Whether on a relaxed picnic in the countryside or savouring the varied culinary delights in one of the restaurants with a view of the impressive Alb landscape.

Diverse cultural worlds: Albstadt's museum landscape

A special experience awaits art lovers in Albstadt: the art museum, known for its impressive collection of modern and contemporary art on paper. With over 25,000 sheets and more than 500 paintings, the museum offers a unique mix of established classics and exciting new discoveries. Visitors can look forward to a diverse range of artworks, from vibrant paintings to dynamic sculptures.

In the Hohenzollern State Museum, visitors can explore the fascinating history of the region. A highlight of the exhibition is the "Royal Crown of Hohenzollern". The 19th century crown, set with precious gemstones, gives visitors an impression of the royal splendour of times gone by. Archaeological finds such as ancient ceramics and jewellery can also be admired, providing an insight into everyday life in bygone eras.

In the local history museum in Albstadt (Ebingen), visitors can view a typical bourgeois home and a photo studio from around 1900. The museum also houses a collection of historical photographs and documents that bring the everyday life and historical events of the town to life.

The Jehle Music History Collection in Albstadt is a true paradise for music enthusiasts and history buffs. It houses an impressive selection of historical musical instruments, including rare pieces such as a harpsichord from the 17th century and a fortepiano attributed to Johann Andreas Stein - Mozart's piano maker. This collection offers a unique insight into musical development over the centuries. In the atmospheric surroundings of Stauffenberg Castle, visitors can immerse themselves in the world of early music and discover the history behind the instruments. A must for anyone interested in the fascinating history of music and instrument making.


Hotel in Albstadt - comfort and relaxation in the Swabian Alb

Our B&B HOTEL Albstadt offers you a cosy and affordable home for your time out. At the B&B HOTEL Albstadt you can expect modern rooms with comfort, free Wi-Fi and in-house parking spaces including e-charging stations for electric cars.

Experience Albstadt with the B&B HOTEL as your base

Our B&B HOTEL in Albstadt is not only a cosy retreat, but also your ideal starting point for unforgettable explorations in the region. Enjoy the comfort of our rooms, the warm service and a location that allows you to discover the diversity of the city and its surroundings effortlessly. With the B&B HOTEL as your temporary home away from home, you are ideally placed to enjoy the beauty of Albstadt to the full.

Places of interest in Albstadt

Hohenzollern Castle

Hohenzollern Castle, the cradle of the Prussian royal family and the Princes of Hohenzollern, towers majestically over the forests of the Swabian Alb. As one of the most beautiful castles in Germany, it offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the landscape and houses a rich collection of art treasures and historical artefacts.

72379 Hohenzollern Castle, Hechingen

Jehle Music History Collection

The Stauffenberg Castle in Albstadt-Ebingen is home to the Jehle Music History Collection, a treasure trove for music lovers. The collection comprises historical musical instruments, including rare pianos and violins, which provide an insight into the musical past and the craft of instrument making.

Schlossstraße 1
72458 Albstadt-Ebingen

Eyach drinking water reservoir

The Eyach drinking water reservoir is an idyllic excursion destination surrounded by nature. Surrounded by dense forests and green hills, it offers those seeking relaxation and active holidaymakers alike an oasis of peace. Whether for hiking, fishing or simply enjoying the tranquillity - the Eyach dam is a must for every nature lover.

Eyach drinking water reservoir
72459 Albstadt