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At B&B HOTELS we want sustainability to be accessible to everyone.


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B&B HOTELS Spain is a B Corp company highly committed to people and the environment.
We believe that sustainable travel should be accessible to everyone and we have very clear objectives to achieve this:

1. Empowering people

Opening up to the community to make a positive impact on it.Promoting diversity and inclusion, increasing the percentage of women in management positions, supporting education and collaborating with NGOs chosen by our employees such as "Adopt a grandparent" or "Creática".

2. Adapting to our environment

We want to reduce our carbon footprint, focusing mainly on reducing single-use plastic and food waste.
With a focus on reducing our water footprint and caring for biodiversity and, of course, working on the circular economy through our products, materials and waste.

To this end, we have launched initiatives such as:

- Be Eco: if you stay more than one night with us, you can waive the cleaning of your room and in exchange you will receive a free breakfast. This action allows us to contribute to the reduction of
our water footprint.

- Single use plastic free: we have eliminated 100% of disposable plastics in our rooms.

- 24h water: our hotels are a source of fresh, filtered water 24 hours a day, which in turn reduces the consumption of single-use plastics.

3. Driving sustainable innovation

Driving sustainable transport by implementing charging points in all our hotels and collaborating with suppliers who are pursuing a positive impact.

All our hotels where parking is permitted have charging points to promote sustainable transport.

Our B&B HOTEL Guimarães is the first hybrid building in the Iberian Peninsula built with the CREE system. A construction system that combines the use of wood and concrete, one of the most sustainable
in the world, as it manages to reduce the carbon footprint by more than 60%, as well as a 33% saving in materials and less noise pollution.

In the design of the hall we have managed to recycle a total of 299kg of fishing nets and 1424kg of post-industrial plastic. With a total of 1700kg of recycled plastic we have moulded and clad 105m2 with a
Bespoke material manufactured for the occasion.

We are a B Corp company highly committed to people and the environment. We will continue working to do our bit for society.

We want to be the best accommodation for the world.