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The B&B HOTELS breakfast

Sweet and savory: there's something for everyone!


Discover our balanced breakfast. 

Among all our products offered for breakfast you will find : scrambled eggs, bacon, frankfurters, cheeses and seasonal fruits, yogurts! 

Tasty and high quality products selected by us to give you the best satisfaction!


Do you prefer the sweet side of breakfast?


Most food lovers will be pleased with fresh baked goods and breads of the day, spread with delicious jams, syrup, honey or chocolate spreads. 

In B&B Hotels you will  find cakes, cupcakes and croissants.

if you are looking for  an excellent coffee , latte or tea you are in the right place and  do not forget about delicious and refreshing juices.


Large selection for a small price

When booking online, select our Bed and Breakfast rate and save!