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General Terms and Conditions of Sale : Slovenia


Last updated on : 22/11/2022

1. On-line booking procedure

The booking procedure is as follows:

1. Select the hotel, number of guests, type of room and room rate.

2. Select any additional services (extras), such as breakfast or late check-out, unless these services are already included in the rate mentioned in point 1.

3. Verify the details of the booking, the total amount, and the specific terms and conditions (room, rate and/or additional services). Then, enter the guest details.

4. Enter your bank card details. Read carefully and then accept the general terms of sale, the specific terms of sale of the booked rate, and finally, confirm your booking.

Should your reservation be refundable, the bank card details will be collected exclusively to secure the booking. In no event Diners cards are accepted to secure a booking. Should your reservation be non-refundable, the payment will immediately be charged on your bank account. In no event Diners cards are accepted to make the payment.

5. B&B Hotels shall acknowledge receipt of the booking by immediately sending an e-mail summarizing: the type of booking made, any additional services booked, the booking dates, the rate, the total amount and a breakdown of this amount, the terms of sale related to the selected rate (accepted by the customer), customer service information, and the address of the hotel to which the customer can send any complaints, should they have any. Absent this letter of acknowledgement, the hotel agreement cannot be deemed as finalized by B&B Hotels.


2. Bookings

2.1 Refundable booking

A Refundable booking gives right to the customer to amend and cancel the booking (within the limits set out in article 3 below) and are subject to a limited penalty in the event of no show (see paragraph 4 below). Moreover, providing your credit/debit card details to pay for your booking as per paragraph 1.4 above does not imply you will be immediately charged for the nights you have booked: details are required exclusively as guarantee.

2.2 Non-refundable booking

Non-refundable bookings mean special and discounted offers, which are only available on the official website or through B&B Hotels’ commercial partners. Such offers cannot be combined with other discounts and cannot be cancelled, refunded or changed, as per paragraphs 3 and 4 below. 100% of the total amount of the booking (including rooms and any additional services) will be charged at the time it is made, unless expressly stated in the terms of the offer, and this amount (including rooms and any additional services) shall not be refunded under any circumstances. 

2.3 Group bookings

A booking of more than 10 (10) rooms will be classed as a group booking, and may be subject to special terms and conditions and/or supplements (including pre-payments, penalties and joint liability), to be specifically agreed with B&B Hotels and its partners in writing.

2.4 Children

Special terms and conditions apply. Please directly contact the hotel for further information.

2.5 Pets

Pets are allowed in B&B Hotel Ljubljana Park. Special fee, terms and conditions apply. Please directly contact the hotel for further information. 


3. Cancelling or changing your booking

3.1 Cancelling your stay

Non-refundable” bookings may not be changed or cancelled by the customer and under no circumstances may the amount (including rooms and any additional services) entirely paid upon booking be reimbursed.

Refundable” bookings may be cancelled free of charge 24 hours before the scheduled date of arrival. To cancel a booking, you must expressly inform the hotel of your intention to cancel by contacting them directly by telephone and/or e-mail. You will receive confirmation of the cancellation immediately. In the event of subsequent cancellation, the hotel will charge the amount corresponding to the first night by debiting the credit/debit card provided as security, to cover cancellation costs. The remaining nights will be cancelled. 

3.2 Extending your stay

Contact the hotel reception before 11:00 to find out about availability. If there are rooms available, these must be paid for immediately and extended access to them will be given. 

3.3 Cutting short your stay

In case of “refundable” bookings, you must notify the hotel before 11:00 on the previous day that you are cutting short your stay. A refund will be made for the proportional part of the cancelled stay (using the same method as the one used to make the payment).

No refund will be given for “non-refundable” bookings or for discounted bookings or special offers (these are not refundable per se). 


4. No-show

In case of “refundable” bookings, in the event of no show by the customer within [midnight] of the expected date of arrival, the hotel's obligation to honor the booking will immediately terminate.

A no-show will lead to the immediate charge of the amount corresponding to the first night by debiting the credit/debit card provided as security, to cover cancellation costs. The remaining nights will be cancelled.

In case of “non-refundable” bookings, in the event of no show by the customer within [midnight] of the expected date of arrival, the hotel's obligation to honor the booking will immediately terminate. No further amounts will be charged in addition to 100% of the total amount of the booking already paid by the customer upon reservation.

5. Price - Taxation

Prices are indicated before and during the room booking process. The prices shown are per room, for the number of people, type of room, dates and the selected hotel.

The prices confirmed to the customer include all taxes (except the tourist tax) and are only valid for the period stated on the website. Unless stated otherwise, any additional services (breakfast, parking, etc.) are not included in the price.

The tourist tax is never included in the booking (either in “refundable” or “non-refundable” bookings) and must be paid directly to the hotel on the day of arrival. 

The prices shown include the VAT in force on the date of booking. Any changes in the VAT rate will be automatically passed on and added to the price shown when the stay is invoiced (date of arrival).

Any modification or introduction of a new law or regulation imposed by the competent authorities will automatically be passed on and added to the price shown when the stay is invoiced (date of arrival).


6. Payment

Online payment is made by credit/debit card (only Visa, Maestro and/or Mastercard) via a secure payment system. Payments by American Express or Diners cards will not be accepted (either as security or on arrival). Customers will be asked for their credit/debit card number, the expiry date and the CVV (numbers on the back of the card). The person staying at the hotel must be the cardholder.

Any irregularity detected in the payment or form of payment (even after full payment has been made), payment not being made, incomplete or fraudulent payment, or proof of illegal activity related to payment which can be attributed to the customer, or the customer in collusion with a third party, shall lead to the complete cancellation of the booking at the customer’s expense, without the need for prior notice, and without prejudice to any civil or criminal proceedings that may be brought against the customer.

In the event your booking procedure requires immediate payment (non-refundable booking), you will be sent after the payment a detailed confirmation e-mail, serving as proof of payment of the booking, to the e-mail address you have provided. This proof of payment shall be presented directly during check-in. In the case of non-refundable bookings, the signature of the holder of the card used to pay for the booking will be requested.

When you arrive at the hotel, you can request a detailed invoice for the full amount of your stay, including the tourist tax (if applicable).

An invalid credit card will automatically mean the cancellation of the booking in the same terms as those provided for irregular or fraudulent payment.

Any payment equal or higher than Euro 5.000 cannot be made in cash either if made by individuals or legal entities. The prohibition applies also in the event that one or more payments under the above-mentioned threshold are executed in order to bypass the applicable laws.

7. Complaints

Any suggestions, complaints or disagreements about the services provided should be addressed directly to the following e-mail address: within 30 calendar days from the last day of your stay in the hotel.

8. Liability

Photographs and information that appear on this website are non-binding.

B&B Hotels cannot be held liable for the non-performance or poor performance of the booking due to force majeure, third parties or the customer himself as well as the failure of the internet network or due to payment refusal by the cardholder’s bank.

9. Stay at hotel

Unless expressly stated otherwise, the room will be available starting from 14:00 on the first day (check-in) of the booking to 11:00 on the last day of the booking (check-out).

Pets shall be accepted in B&B Hotel Ljubljana Park, providing they adhere strictly to the rules contained. This service shall be subject to an extra charge. The owner of the animal shall be directly responsible for any damage or inconvenience caused, either in the hotel or to third parties, employees or guests of the hotel. Should the pet disturb other guests staying at the hotel, the hotel shall also reserve the right to immediately terminate the stay of the customer, who shall lose the right to make any claim or receive compensation. In addition, the cost of any damages caused during the stay shall be immediately charged to the customer.

Within 24 hours from the arrival of a client, the hotel shall notify to the competent security authorities the identity of the client. To this end, at your arrival the hotel will ask you copy of your identity document. Should you not cooperate with the hotel, you will be requested to leave.

The customer agrees and undertakes to use the room in a reasonable manner in line with its purpose. Any behavior contrary to moral standards and to the public order will lead to the hotel management to ask the customer to leave the hotel without any compensation or reimbursement (should payment have already been made), without prejudice for B&B Hotels to claim for further damages.

B&B Hotel Ljubljana Park provide free Wi-Fi access.

The customer agrees not to use their electronic devices to reproduce, represent, make available or disclose to the public any property protected by copyright or by a similar right, without the authorization of the holders of these rights, or in breach of their rights.

10. Overbooking and evacuation in case of force majeure

The hotel reserves the right to totally or partially relocate customers in an equivalent category hotel, depending on availability, solely and exclusively if the booked accommodation is not available (“overbooking”) for reasons attributable to the hotel. Any extra costs (either in terms of accommodation and/or transport), between the two hotels shall be borne by the hotel originally booked by the customer.

B&B Hotels shall not be liable for any breach of its obligations as a result of an event of force majeure. Events of force majeure or acts of God are deemed to be those usually recognized by the jurisprudence of Slovenian courts. In this case, the hotel reserves the right to relocate all or part of the guests to an equivalent category hotel, according to availability.

11. Privacy

Consult the legal notice on the website.

12. Applicable law

The terms and conditions contained herein are governed by Slovenian law for hotels located in Slovenia.

13. Amendments to the General Terms of Sale

B&B Hotel Ljubljana Park reserves the right to amend, partially or totally, these General Terms of Sale, without prior notice.

14. Legal information

B&B Hotels Ljubljana d.o.o. (“B&B Hotels”) is company with registered office in Ljubljana, Bleiweisova 30, Slovenia, which is part of B&B Hotels Group and subject to the management and coordination activity of FINANCIERE B&B Hotels, a company duly established and existing under the law of France, having its registered office in 271, rue du Général Paulet, Brest, France, entered into the Commercial Register of Brest under number 448 178 533.

15. Invoicing information

The booking made through B&B Hotels will be invoiced by the company operating the hotel (i.e. a commercial partner of B&B Hotels) as indicated in the confirmation letter, being such company in charge of both providing the services you have purchased under this booking as well as collecting the corresponding hotel fees.

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