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SUMMER OFFER: Discounted holidays in France and Belgium

Take advantage of a sunny offer! ☀️

Can you hear them? The sound of crickets and lapping waves. 🏖️
Holidays are just around the corner! At B&B HOTELS we're looking forward to seeing you soon, and we've put together a summer offer for you! 
From 18 June 2024, take advantage of a €10 discount per room* by booking up to 7 days before your stay!
This offer applies to stays from 5 July through 1 September 2024.

Have a last-minute emergency? This flexible offer can be cancelled and modified up to 7pm on the day of the event.

It’s a benefit reserved exclusively for our B&me and B&B HOTELS CLUB members!


It's easy to take advantage of it! 
Join our free B&me loyalty programme, and book your stay between 5 July and 1 September 2024.
Thanks to this programme, you'll also benefit from numerous advantages throughout the year.


Are you a B&B HOTELS CLUB member? 
You can also take advantage of this offer by selecting the "SUMMER OFFER: CLUB -10€ " rate.
This rate allows you to earn CLUB points at a rate of 100 points per day, on the first room only. 

Whatever your destination, there's always a B&B HOTEL on the road to your holidays. Book your room now!