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PROMO OFFER: your weekend in France at low prices!

PROMOTIONAL OFFER: your weekend for two in France at low prices!

Have your holidays gone by too quickly? B&B HOTELS thinks of you and extends the pleasure! 

Book your weekend of 2 nights in France, from October 20, 2023 to March 17, 2024 at the following rates : 2-night stay at 89€!

You can also take advantage of this offer every day during the holidays (from 20 October 2023 to 5 November 2023) and the Christmas holiday period (from 22 December 2023 to 7 January 2024).
This offer is valid in the participating hotels, within the limit of the rooms allocated by each hotel to this operation.

Member of the B&B HOTELS CLUB programme? Take advantage of an additional 5% discount on your stay as usual!


Our PROMO OFFER can be modified without any fees until D-3!

From now on, plan your weekends anywhere in France with B&B HOTELS!