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Enjoy a 3€ discount at B&B HOTELS France

At B&B Hotels, your confidence is rewarded! Enjoy €3 off the price of your room.

Feeling confident? Then you’re going to love this! Book your stay up to 1 day in advance to enjoy a discount of €3. This offer is only available on the B&B Hotels website and mobile applications. These great value offers are perfect for low-priced, last-minute bookings!

Holidays at rock-bottom prices for the most confident travellers!

In short: there’s no need to make a decision months in advance if you want to enjoy incredible benefits with B&B Hotels. Make a last-minute decision on the spur of the moment and head to the countryside, the seaside or the mountains. These promotions are available in participating hotels*.

There’s just one condition if you want to enjoy our holiday and weekend deals: pay securely online**. With our BeSure offer, which cannot be cancelled or changed, you’re guaranteed to enjoy your stay with total peace of mind in a well-appointed hotel near some of France’s most famous tourist attractions and best restaurants.

Make the most of the No Flex discount: take a look at our map of hotels across France and choose the destination you want!