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LONG STAY: stay 4 nights in France with breakfast included for 199€!

LONG STAY: your 4-night stay with breakfast from 199€ at B&B Hotels.

Member of the B&B HOTELS CLUB? We have put together the perfect offer for your 4-night stay. At B&B HOTELS, we think of those who move! 

In order to meet your needs, whether professional or personal, during the week or at the weekend (or even both), we propose the LONG STAY offer (only available to our B&B HOTELS CLUB member clients): 4 nights in our hotels throughout France at 199€ with one breakfast and 225€ with two breakfasts.

So don't hesitate to leave, the LONG STAY offer for your long stays is the one that will suit you perfectly.  

A low price for a long stay, with great flexibility!

At B&B HOTELS, we know perfectly well that these days, we all need flexibility. And so, our Long Stay offer guarantees you tailor-made services: you can cancel or modify until 6pm on the day of your stay, arrive anytime you wish in all of our hotels, and enjoy a comfortable and modern room, just like at home*. All at a great price. Focus on the essentials: B&B HOTELS helps you with the rest !

*a parking solution, high-speed Wi-Fi, Chromecast key and breakfast to eat in your room or for take-away - more details on the page of each of our hotels.