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B&B HOTELS promotion

At B&B Hotels your decisiveness is rewarded! Enjoy €3 off the price of your hotel room.

This is the option that rewards the most decisive among you! When you book your stays up to one day in advance, you’ll benefit from a €3 discount. This offer is available exclusively on the B&B Hotels website and mobile apps. The right deal for your last-minute reservation at a great price!

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Simple: no need to book months in advance to enjoy exceptional benefits with B&B Hotels. At the last minute, on a whim, head for the countryside, the seashore or the mountain. This promotion is only available at participating hotels*.

Just one simple condition to take advantage of our great holiday and weekend deals in France: book your room and make your secure payment online**. Our BeSure deal guarantees peace of mind and comfortable accommodations near all the major tourist sites and the best restaurants in France. (Please note our BeSure offer cannot be cancelled or modified.)

To take advantage of our BeSure offer, go to our menu of B&B hotels in France and choose the destination that suits your whims!

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*Offer Terms and Conditions

A discount of €3 on the room price, valid only on the website and B&B Hotels smartphone apps.

This offer cannot be cancelled or combined with other offers, and it is non-refundable; valid only on the website and B&B HOTELS apps and limited to participating hotels*.

Online prepayment required.

The BeSure offer is valid:

Every day up to D-3 before the date of your stay, starting 26 September 2018.

This offer cannot be combined with any other ongoing promotional offers or e-club discounts. Payment by B&B Hotels e-check is not applicable.

*List of non participating hotels:

  • Besançon
  • Bordeaux Est
  • Bourges 1
  • Chartres 2
  • Châtellerault
  • Colmar Expo
  • Colmar Vignobles Ouest
  • Dreux Centre
  • Nancy Laxou Zénith
  • Nantes Aéroport
  • Nantes Atlantis Le Zénith
  • Nantes Parc Expo La Chapelle
  • Nantes Saint-Sébastien
  • Nantes Savenay
  • Rennes Est Cesson Sévigné
  • Rennes Ouest Villejean
  • Saclay
  • Saint-Malo Centre
  • Saint-Nazaire La Baule
  • Tours Nord 2
  • Yvetot