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  • Milano Fashion Week Women's Hotel B&B
  • 16/09/2019 - 17/09/2019
  • 1 room , 1 adult
  • 1 room , 1 guest

Milano Fashion Week Women's

From 17 September 2019 to 23 September 2019 | Milano

The awaited Milano Fashion Week is ready to make its comeback and to show the news and trends of the collections for the spring-summer season of 2020 of the most famous brands in the world.
Not only fashion shows but also glamorous parties and events dedicated to fun and luxury, typical of the fashion world.

Don't miss the opportunity to breathe in the atmosphere of an international event like Milan Fashion Week and take advantage of your stay in the city to discover the fantastic beauty of Milan. Book now your stay in one of the B&B Hotels in Milan: the B&B Hotel Milano Sant'Ambrogio thanks to its proximity to the homonymous subway station will allow you to reach the Duomo in just 15 minutes.

Milano Fashion Week Women's

From to
Piazza del Duomo 31
Milano , Italy
From 17/09/2019
To 23/09/2019