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Consider a stay in the Parisian region and enjoy the quiet of the outskirts, just 30 minutes from Paris. With a wealth of places centred around culture, relaxation or history, you can opt for the activity of your choice during your sojourn, whether you are visiting on your own, with a partner or family.

History and urbanism

Things to do in Meaux

Visit the ruins of the château de Montceaux-Lès-Meaux

Located a few kilometres from Meaux, these ruins of a castle, which belonged to the Medici family at one point, were designated historical monument. Take advantage of your stay in the region to check the restoration work that has been carried out in recent years by the new owners.

You can walk through various sections of this old castle of the royal family as well as enjoy the adjoining park with your family.

Discover the historic city centre

The old town of Meaux is known for its core, a true legacy of the Middle Ages. It extends along the right bank of the Marne. Check out the square of the City Hall, the pedestrian streets and the Cathedral of Saint-Etienne de Meaux.

While in town, don’t forget to visit the Market District and the main building located on the left bank.


Looking for a perfect place to go for a walk? The city of Meaux is located near many green spaces—ideal for a hike nearby. Check out Montceaux State Forest, the Natural Park of Pâtis and the Trinitarians Garden.

Places to see in Meaux

If you are a history and art enthusiast, don't miss the Museum of the Great War in the town of Meaux. Trace the history of the First World War through different themes adapted for all audiences, including children. Guided tours are also available.

The city of Meaux also boasts a Museum of art and history, the Bossuet Museum, which features both permanent and temporary exhibitions with works ranging from the 16th to the 20th century. The museum is located in the episcopal palace of Meaux.


Boasting a city centre rich in history, this town of Seine-et-Marne in France offers many places to discover.

The Meaux Saint-Etienne Cathedral

Located in the heart of the city centre, the Cathedral of Meaux is a must-see attraction. With its 60-metre tower, the cathedral is visible from several kilometres away making a true city landmark.

The cathedral, which took 350 years to build, is open to visitors year-round and offers guided tours.

Visit the home of Brie cheese

The region is known for its iconic cheese industry, which makes a visit to the museum dedicated to its renowned cheese something you simply can’t skip. Located near the historical city centre, you can easily get there from the Meaux train station or from your hotel.


Meaux’s historical shows

The yearly events mark an important time for this city of Seine-and-Marne (77). These heroic shows take place each year in September. A true City and Countryside of Art and History, the region of Meaux offers cultural diversity through many events spread throughout the year. Pick up a culture calendar at the hotel’s reception or ask our hotel staff or the tourist office for information.

Staying near Marne-la-Vallée and Disneyland Paris

Located near the Val d’Europe shopping centre, the town of Meaux is also close to the Disney Paris park in Marne-la-Vallée. While staying in the Parisian region, why not enjoy a day at the parks?

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