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A new town, whose population exploded in the early 1990s, Lieusant is a dynamic, up-and-coming commune. Located in the Seine-et-Marne département, Lieusaint lies to the south of the Sénat forest, the ideal spot for recharging your batteries. Your accommodation in Lieusant is situated close to the Carré Sénart shopping centre.


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With its quiet, comfortable rooms, the B&B Hotel Lieusaint is the ideal location for a good night's rest. All rooms are equipped with the essentials, as well as free and unlimited WiFi. Book your stay in Lieusaint now, and enjoy a sumptuously soft bed and full breakfast.

History and urbanism

From the 10th century onwards, the village was favoured by royals, and reserved for hunting. In March 1790, Lieusant was chosen by the astronomers Delambre and Méchain to determine the length of the metre. Long considered as a small, insignificant town, Lieusant underwent a demographic boom in the 1970s when the State merged it with the new town of Melun-Sénart. The village went from 657 inhabitants in 1975 to more than 10,000 today. In 2000, the construction of the Le Carré Sénart shopping centre heralded a new era for Lieusaint.


Lieusaint is the home of a magnificent, green area: the Ru des Hauldres. Formerly a lifeless little stream, it has been transformed into 30 acres of sprawling greenery and water basins. If you enjoy peaceful walks in the open air, you will simply love rambling in the sublime Sénart forest, located in the north-west of the commune. A greenway crosses the town, linking the sports park to the Ru des Hauldres, through the gardens of the town hall, the church and the meridian. Bird-watchers will discover their Eden in the Espace naturel de la Motte.


The Church of Saint-Quintien was built in the 12th century, and remains the town's oldest monument. This Catholic Church was named in honour of Saint Quintien, patron saint of the town, who lived as a hermit in the Lieusaint forest in the 7th century. The town hall is the former main building of the nurseries belonging to the Alfroy family, from whom the plane trees that line the Champs-Elysées originate. Lieusaint is also known for its Terme Boréal, a milestone that has stood since 1790 to determine the length of the metre.


Every year, the inhabitants of Lieusaint come together to celebrate the local legend of the Dame Bleue, or "Blue Lady". This protective fairy was formerly honoured by the Gallic tribes around the month of December, but festivities now take place in May. During the summer, the gardens of the town hall are opened, and celebrations stretch from early July to late August. The sports village puts the Lieusaintais residents through their paces during a week-long programme of various sporting activities.

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