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  • Zofingen
  • 22/09/202323/09/2023
  • 1 room, 1 adult
  • 1 room, 1 guest

B&B HOTELS near Zofingen, 2 hotels

Discover the Aargau region without delay and stay in one of our establishments in the canton! 

The charm of this old Swiss town next to Lucerne, with its baroque style dating from the 17th and 18th centuries, is ready for you at any time of the year, as there are many activities to choose from. The people of Zofingen are eager to share their cultural and culinary treasures of Aargau with you through the many museums, exhibits, and restaurants in Zofingen, Rothrist-Olten, and Oftringen. 

Take time to stroll through the city by taking one of the many tours that the city of Zofingen organizes. From the origin of the town's foundation to the reconstruction of the old medieval wooden houses and stone buildings, you will learn the story of Zofingen.

Among the must-sees in Zofingen, we recommend you visit the church of St. Mauritius in the center of the city. Very well preserved, you can also visit it if you were looking for something to do in Zofingen should it rain during your stay in the nearby city of Aarau.

Kirchplatz is home to the former convent of St. Urbanhof. The latter was erected in honor of Saint Urban on this church square. Be sure to visit the famous square of the city's protector, Niklauz Thut, where a statue and a fountain are dedicated to him. 

The other famous square in Zofingen is where the Heitere Open Air Festival takes place every year in August. Located on Heitern Hill overlooking the city, the Heiternplatz, surrounded by lime trees, is an ideal place to take in the fresh air of the Jura. Nearby, the Obstsorengarten orchard with its 500 trees will pique your interest. 

The Archivturm and the Weilbelhaus as well as the remains of the town wall with its towers will give you an idea of the culture of the northern canton of the Swiss Alps


Whether you go for a stroll with your partner or a family outing, Zofingen and its surrounding area will delight you!

In the vicinity of our B&B HOTEL Rothrist-Olten, you will find numerous hiking trails.

Accessible to all and appropriate for all skill levels, the excursions will allow you to enjoy the panoramas of the Jura or Alpine peaks. Among the best known are Wasserflue and Burghorn. There are many tours from Pilger, Rorh, and Linn.  

Cyclists will find plenty to satisfy their athletic appetites! 

Whether it's on the road or a bike ride on hilly terrain near our B&B HOTEL Oftringen, there are many options available. From Aarau to Brugg via Suhr or Halwilersee. The ruins of Urgiz Castle are also well worth visiting. 


Make a stop to rest and unwind

As you can see, the canton of Aargau in Switzerland has everything to please you. 

Also, enjoy the comfort of our B&B HOTELS during your stay in Zofingen and its vicinity. Our modern rooms are equipped with quality bedding and a private bathroom to ensure you have a restful night's sleep before exploring the Swiss region. 

Our pet-friendly B&B HOTELS near Aarau are ideal for your leisure time travel in Switzerland.  

Conveniently located, it is easy to reach Zurich, Basel or Bern from our hotels in Rothrist-Olten and Oftringen. 

Discover our offers and book your B&B HOTELS room in Switzerland without further delay.