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Terms of Service - Trust You

B&B Hotels would like to thank all of its guests who, through their reviews, contribute to the continuous improvement of the check-in experience and the services offered by the hotels in the B&B Hotels network.

Please read these Terms of Service carefully before using the “Customer Reviews” application.

The “Customer Reviews” application is operated by SAS B&B Hotels with a share capital of 16,318,236.88 euros, registered with the Brest Trade and Companies Register (France) under number 378 047 500, and with headquarters located at 271 Rue du Général Paulet, 29200 Brest, France (“B&B Hotels” or “we”).

The present Terms of Service define the legal framework that determines access to the “Customer Reviews” application and its use. Access to the “Customer Reviews” application and its use are subject to acceptance of these Terms of Service. We may modify these Terms of Service at any time. You will be informed in the case of a modification. B&B Hotels reserves the right to modify, suspend or remove, at any time and for any reason whatsoever, the “Customer Reviews” application.

By accessing or using the “Customer Reviews” application, you agree to be bound by and to comply with these Terms of Service and any modifications in effect at the time of your connection. If you do not agree to these Terms of Service, please do not access and do not use the “Customer Reviews” application.

The “Customer Reviews” application is available to customers of the B&B Hotels that participate in this application, are located in France and are on the list appearing below. These Terms of Service specify the liabilities of the user customers (hereafter the “User(s)”), in accordance with the legislation in force, in order to allow for an appropriate and optimal use of this application.

List of the participating hotels as of March 9, 2021 (305 hotels participating)

  • B&B HOTEL à Disneyland® Paris
  • B&B HOTEL Agen
  • B&B HOTEL Aix-en-Provence Le Tholonet
  • B&B HOTEL Aix-en-Provence Pont-de-l'Arc
  • B&B HOTEL Aix-en-Provence Venelles
  • B&B HOTEL Albi
  • B&B HOTEL Alençon Nord
  • B&B HOTEL Alès Pôle Mécanique
  • B&B HOTEL Amiens
  • B&B HOTEL Angers 1 Beaucouzé
  • B&B HOTEL Angers 2 Université
  • B&B HOTEL Angers Parc Expos
  • B&B HOTEL Angoulême
  • B&B HOTEL Annecy
  • B&B HOTEL Annemasse Saint-Cergues
  • B&B HOTEL Antibes Sophia Antipolis
  • B&B HOTEL Antibes Sophia Le Relais
  • B&B HOTEL Arcachon Gujan Mestras
  • B&B HOTEL Arras
  • B&B HOTEL Aubagne Gémenos
  • B&B HOTEL Aubenas
  • B&B HOTEL Auray Carnac
  • B&B HOTEL Auxerre Bourgogne
  • B&B HOTEL Auxerre Monéteau
  • B&B HOTEL Avignon 1
  • B&B HOTEL Avignon 2
  • B&B HOTEL Avranches Baie du Mont Saint-Michel
  • B&B HOTEL Bayonne
  • B&B HOTEL Bayonne Tarnos
  • B&B HOTEL Beaune Nord
  • B&B HOTEL Beaune Sud 1 Palais des Congrès
  • B&B HOTEL Beaune Sud 2
  • B&B HOTEL Beauvais
  • B&B HOTEL Belfort
  • B&B HOTEL Belfort Bessoncourt
  • B&B HOTEL Besançon
  • B&B HOTEL Béthune Bruay-la-Buissière
  • B&B HOTEL Béziers
  • B&B HOTEL Blois
  • B&B HOTEL Bollène
  • B&B HOTEL Bordeaux Bassins à Flot
  • B&B HOTEL Bordeaux Centre Bègles
  • B&B HOTEL Bordeaux Centre Gare Saint-Jean
  • B&B HOTEL Bordeaux Est
  • B&B HOTEL Bordeaux Lac sur Bruges
  • B&B HOTEL Bordeaux Langon
  • B&B HOTEL Bordeaux Le Haillan
  • B&B HOTEL Bordeaux Lormont
  • B&B HOTEL Bordeaux Mérignac Aéroport
  • B&B HOTEL Bordeaux Mios
  • B&B HOTEL Bordeaux Sud
  • B&B HOTEL Bordeaux Talence
  • B&B HOTEL Boulogne-sur-Mer
  • B&B HOTEL Bourges 1
  • B&B HOTEL Bourges 2
  • B&B HOTEL Brest Kergaradec
  • B&B HOTEL Brest Port
  • B&B HOTEL Brétigny-sur-Orge
  • B&B HOTEL Brignoles
  • B&B HOTEL Brive-la-Gaillarde
  • B&B HOTEL Caen Mémorial
  • B&B HOTEL Caen Sud
  • B&B HOTEL Calais Centre Saint-Pierre
  • B&B HOTEL Calais Coquelles Tunnel sous la Manche
  • B&B HOTEL Cambrai
  • B&B HOTEL Cannes La Bocca Plage
  • B&B HOTEL Castres Centre Gambetta
  • B&B HOTEL Cergy Saint-Christophe
  • B&B HOTEL Châlons en Champagne
  • B&B HOTEL Chalon-sur-Saône Sud
  • B&B HOTEL Chambéry La Cassine
  • B&B HOTEL Champigny-sur-Marne
  • B&B HOTEL Chartres Le Coudray
  • B&B HOTEL Chartres Le Forum
  • B&B HOTEL Chartres Océane
  • B&B HOTEL Châteauroux Aéroport
  • B&B HOTEL Châteauroux Déols
  • B&B HOTEL Châtellerault
  • B&B HOTEL Chaumont
  • B&B HOTEL Cherbourg
  • B&B HOTEL Cholet Centre
  • B&B HOTEL Clermont-Ferrand Gerzat 1
  • B&B HOTEL Clermont-Ferrand Le Brézet Aéroport
  • B&B HOTEL Clermont-Ferrand Nord Riom
  • B&B HOTEL Clermont-Ferrand Sud Aubière
  • B&B HOTEL Colmar Expo
  • B&B HOTEL Colmar Vignobles Ouest
  • B&B HOTEL Compiègne
  • B&B HOTEL Corbeil-Essonnes
  • B&B HOTEL Creil Chantilly
  • B&B HOTEL Dieppe
  • B&B HOTEL Dijon Centre
  • B&B HOTEL Dijon Les Portes du Sud
  • B&B HOTEL Dijon Marsannay
  • B&B HOTEL Dijon Nord Zénith
  • B&B HOTEL Douai Parc des Expos Cuincy
  • B&B HOTEL Dreux Centre
  • B&B HOTEL Dunkerque Centre Gare
  • B&B HOTEL Evreux
  • B&B HOTEL Evry Lisses 1
  • B&B HOTEL Evry Lisses 2
  • B&B HOTEL Fréjus Puget-sur-Argens
  • B&B HOTEL Fréjus Roquebrune-sur-Argens
  • B&B HOTEL Freyming-Merlebach
  • B&B HOTEL Gap
  • B&B HOTEL Goussainville CDG
  • B&B HOTEL Grenoble Centre Alpexpo
  • B&B HOTEL Grenoble Centre Verlaine
  • B&B HOTEL Grenoble Université
  • B&B HOTEL Herblay
  • B&B HOTEL Honfleur
  • B&B HOTEL Hyères
  • B&B HOTEL Igny Palaiseau
  • B&B HOTEL La Queue-en-Brie
  • B&B HOTEL La Rochelle Angoulins-sur-Mer
  • B&B HOTEL La Rochelle Beaulieu Puilboreau
  • B&B HOTEL La Rochelle Centre
  • B&B HOTEL La Roche-sur-Yon
  • B&B HOTEL Laval
  • B&B HOTEL Le Havre Centre Gare
  • B&B HOTEL Le Havre Harfleur 1
  • B&B HOTEL Le Havre Harfleur 2
  • B&B HOTEL Le Mans Centre
  • B&B HOTEL Le Mans Nord 1
  • B&B HOTEL Le Mans Nord 2
  • B&B HOTEL Le Mans Sud
  • B&B HOTEL Lens Musée du Louvre
  • B&B HOTEL Lens Noyelles-Godault
  • B&B HOTEL Le Port-Marly Saint-Germain-En-Laye
  • B&B HOTEL Le Puy-en-Velay
  • B&B HOTEL Les Herbiers
  • B&B HOTEL Lieusaint Carré Sénart
  • B&B HOTEL Lille Centre Grand Palais
  • B&B HOTEL Lille Grand Stade
  • B&B HOTEL Lille Lezennes Stade Pierre Mauroy
  • B&B HOTEL Lille Roubaix Campus Gare
  • B&B HOTEL Lille Seclin Unexpo
  • B&B HOTEL Lille Tourcoing Centre
  • B&B HOTEL Limoges 1
  • B&B HOTEL Limoges 2
  • B&B HOTEL Limoges Gare
  • B&B HOTEL Longwy Porte du Luxembourg
  • B&B HOTEL Lorient Caudan
  • B&B HOTEL Lorient Lanester
  • B&B HOTEL Lorient Ploemeur
  • B&B HOTEL Louveciennes
  • B&B HOTEL Lyon Caluire Cité Internationale
  • B&B HOTEL Lyon Centre Gambetta
  • B&B HOTEL Lyon Centre Monplaisir
  • B&B HOTEL Lyon Centre Perrache Berthelot
  • B&B HOTEL Lyon Eurexpo Chassieu
  • B&B HOTEL Lyon Grand Stade Meyzieu
  • B&B HOTEL Lyon Ouest Tassin
  • B&B HOTEL Lyon Saint-Bonnet Mi-Plaine
  • B&B HOTEL Lyon Saint-Priest
  • B&B HOTEL Lyon Sud États-Unis
  • B&B HOTEL Lyon Vénissieux
  • B&B HOTEL Marne-la-Vallée Bussy-Saint-Georges
  • B&B HOTEL Marne-la-Vallée Torcy
  • B&B HOTEL Marseille Aéroport Saint-Victoret
  • B&B HOTEL Marseille Centre La Joliette
  • B&B HOTEL Marseille Centre La Timone
  • B&B HOTEL Marseille Estaque
  • B&B HOTEL Marseille Euromed
  • B&B HOTEL Marseille La Valentine
  • B&B HOTEL Marseille la Valentine Saint Menet
  • B&B HOTEL Marseille Les Ports
  • B&B HOTEL Marseille Prado Vélodrome
  • B&B HOTEL Martigues Port-de-Bouc
  • B&B HOTEL Massy Gare TGV
  • B&B HOTEL Maubeuge Louvroil
  • B&B HOTEL Maurepas
  • B&B HOTEL Meaux
  • B&B HOTEL Metz Augny
  • B&B HOTEL Metz Est Technopole Pôle Santé
  • B&B HOTEL Metz Jouy-aux-Arches
  • B&B HOTEL Metz Semécourt
  • B&B HOTEL Montargis
  • B&B HOTEL Montauban
  • B&B HOTEL Mont-de-Marsan
  • B&B HOTEL Montélimar Nord
  • B&B HOTEL Montélimar Sud
  • B&B HOTEL Montlhéry
  • B&B HOTEL Montluçon
  • B&B HOTEL Montpellier 1
  • B&B HOTEL Montpellier 2
  • B&B HOTEL Montpellier Centre Le Millénaire
  • B&B HOTEL Montpellier Vendargues
  • B&B HOTEL Morlaix
  • B&B HOTEL Moulins
  • B&B HOTEL Mulhouse Centre
  • B&B HOTEL Mulhouse Ile Napoléon
  • B&B HOTEL Nancy Frouard 1
  • B&B HOTEL Nancy Laxou Zénith
  • B&B HOTEL Nanterre Rueil-Malmaison
  • B&B HOTEL Nantes Aéroport
  • B&B HOTEL Nantes Atlantis Le Zénith
  • B&B HOTEL Nantes Centre
  • B&B HOTEL Nantes Parc Expos La Beaujoire
  • B&B HOTEL Nantes Parc Expos La Chapelle
  • B&B HOTEL Nantes Rezé Saint-Sébastien
  • B&B HOTEL Nantes Savenay
  • B&B HOTEL Narbonne 1
  • B&B HOTEL Narbonne 2
  • B&B HOTEL Nice Aéroport Arenas
  • B&B HOTEL Nîmes Centre Arènes
  • B&B HOTEL Nîmes Ville Active
  • B&B HOTEL Niort Marais Poitevin
  • B&B HOTEL Noisy-le-Grand
  • B&B HOTEL Orange
  • B&B HOTEL Orgeval
  • B&B HOTEL Orléans
  • B&B HOTEL Orléans Saint Jean de Braye
  • B&B HOTEL Orly Chevilly-Larue
  • B&B HOTEL Orly Chevilly Marché International
  • B&B HOTEL Orly Rungis Aéroport
  • B&B HOTEL Ouistreham
  • B&B HOTEL Paray-le-Monial
  • B&B HOTEL Paris Châtillon
  • B&B HOTEL Paris Créteil
  • B&B HOTEL Paris Est Bobigny Université
  • B&B HOTEL Paris Est Bondy
  • B&B HOTEL Paris Gennevilliers Asnières
  • B&B HOTEL Paris Italie Porte de Choisy
  • B&B HOTEL Paris Le Bourget
  • B&B HOTEL Paris Malakoff Parc des Expositions
  • B&B HOTEL Paris Meudon Vélizy
  • B&B HOTEL Paris Nord Aulnay-sous-Bois
  • B&B HOTEL Paris Nord Villepinte
  • B&B HOTEL Paris Porte de Bagnolet
  • B&B HOTEL Paris Porte de la Villette
  • B&B HOTEL Paris Porte des Lilas
  • B&B HOTEL Paris Roissy CDG Aéroport
  • B&B HOTEL Paris Romainville Noisy-Le-Sec
  • B&B HOTEL Paris Saint-Denis Pleyel
  • B&B HOTEL Paris Sud Châtenay-Malabry
  • B&B HOTEL Pau Lescar
  • B&B HOTEL Pau Zénith
  • B&B HOTEL Périgueux Boulazac
  • B&B HOTEL Perpignan Nord Aéroport
  • B&B HOTEL Perpignan Saleilles
  • B&B HOTEL Perpignan Sud Marché International
  • B&B HOTEL Perpignan Sud Porte d'Espagne
  • B&B HOTEL Pézenas
  • B&B HOTEL Poitiers 1 Futuroscope
  • B&B HOTEL Poitiers 3 Futuroscope
  • B&B HOTEL Poitiers Aéroport
  • B&B HOTEL Pontault-Combault
  • B&B HOTEL Quimper Nord Douarnenez
  • B&B HOTEL Quimper Sud Bénodet
  • B&B HOTEL Reims Bezannes
  • B&B HOTEL Reims Centre Gare
  • B&B HOTEL Rennes Est Cesson Sévigné
  • B&B HOTEL Rennes Nord Saint-Grégoire
  • B&B HOTEL Rennes Ouest Villejean
  • B&B HOTEL Rennes Sud Chantepie
  • B&B HOTEL Rouen Centre
  • B&B HOTEL Rouen Parc des Expos Zénith
  • B&B HOTEL Rouen Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray
  • B&B HOTEL Royan La Palmyre
  • B&B HOTEL Saclay
  • B&B HOTEL Saint-Brieuc
  • B&B HOTEL Saint-Denis Porte de Paris
  • B&B HOTEL Sainte-Maxime Golfe de Saint-Tropez
  • B&B HOTEL Saint-Étienne La Terrasse
  • B&B HOTEL Saint-Étienne Monthieu
  • B&B HOTEL Saint-Jean-de-Luz
  • B&B HOTEL Saint Jean de Maurienne
  • B&B HOTEL Saint-Malo Centre
  • B&B HOTEL Saint-Malo Sud
  • B&B HOTEL Saint-Michel-sur-Orge
  • B&B HOTEL Saint-Nazaire Pornichet
  • B&B HOTEL Saint-Nazaire Trignac
  • B&B HOTEL Saint-Quentin
  • B&B HOTEL Saint-Witz
  • B&B HOTEL Salon de Provence
  • B&B HOTEL Strasbourg Nord Artisans
  • B&B HOTEL Strasbourg Nord Industrie
  • B&B HOTEL Strasbourg Sud Geispolsheim
  • B&B HOTEL Strasbourg Sud Ostwald
  • B&B HOTEL Thionville Centre Gare
  • B&B HOTEL Toulon La Seyne-sur-Mer
  • B&B HOTEL Toulon Ollioules
  • B&B HOTEL Toulouse Basso Cambo
  • B&B HOTEL Toulouse Centre
  • B&B HOTEL Toulouse Cité de l'Espace
  • B&B HOTEL Toulouse Purpan Zénith
  • B&B HOTEL Tours Nord 1 Val-de-Loire
  • B&B HOTEL Tours Nord 2 La Petite Arche
  • B&B HOTEL Tours Parc Expo Saint-Avertin
  • B&B HOTEL Tours Sud Joué-lès-Tours
  • B&B HOTEL Troyes Barberey
  • B&B HOTEL Troyes Magasins d'usine
  • B&B HOTEL Troyes Saint-Parres-aux-Tertres
  • B&B HOTEL Valence Nord
  • B&B HOTEL Valence Sud
  • B&B HOTEL Valence TGV - Romans
  • B&B HOTEL Valenciennes
  • B&B HOTEL Vannes Est Golfe du Morbihan
  • B&B HOTEL Vannes Ouest Golfe du Morbihan
  • B&B HOTEL Verdun
  • B&B HOTEL Vierzon
  • B&B HOTEL Villeneuve-Loubet Plage
  • B&B HOTEL Villeneuve-Loubet Village
  • B&B HOTEL Yvetot

Customer Reviews Service Overview

B&B Hotels offers its customers the possibility of leaving reviews of and communicating with the hotels located in France in which they have stayed. The service includes the possibility, following a stay, of giving a review of a participating hotel, or having the possibility of a correspondence with the hotelier. This service does not include the provision of Internet access, the provision of a mailbox, nor the hosting of webpages.

Except in the instance of an unforeseen technical issue, access to the “Customer Reviews” application is available 24 hours a day.

Use of the “Customer Reviews” application

2.1 User Obligations

B&B Hotels sets forth principles and rules regulating the collection, moderation and reproduction of reviews with which Users must comply in order for their opinions to be accepted and published.

By writing and submitting, the User certifies that this review reflects the lived experience of their stay and their authentic point of view of the concerned hotel in the review, that they are not tied personally or professionally to the hotel and that they have not received any compensation, financial or otherwise, from the hotel to write this review.

By using the “Customer Reviews” application, the User acknowledges that they:

have the legal capacity to abide by these Terms of Service; and that they

are over the age of 18 or have reached the age of majority in force in the country where they reside or of which they are a citizen.

All the customers who have booked and then stayed in one of the hotels operated by B&B Hotels located in France and participate in the “Customer Reviews” application have the option of submitting a review or communicating with the hotelier.

The User acknowledges that they are fully aware that the reviews they submit must correspond to the personal experience of their stay and are likely to be published on the B&B Hotels website as well as on any other electronic communication platform owned or operated in the name of and on behalf of B&B Hotels such that the reviews must be free of limitations of dissemination and reuse, the act of submitting a review carrying, where appropriate, the willing transfer to B&B Hotels or its agents of all rights of reproduction, representation, adaptation, translation and dissemination for the entire duration of intellectual property rights protection without limitation to territory.

When publishing customer reviews and hotelier responses on the B&B Hotels website, the identity of the customer will remain anonymous. Only the first name and surname initial will be displayed, following the format of “Martin D”.

2.2 Collection of reviews by B&B Hotels

The submission of a review by a customer will not engender any compensation, financial or otherwise, from B&B Hotels in exchange for the submission of said review.

To access the “Customer Reviews” application, a few hours after leaving the hotel, the User receives an invitation by email to submit a review at the personal email address that they provided when making their reservation. In the event that the User client stays in several B&B Hotels establishments over a period of one month, they may only submit one review of a single hotel in which they have stayed.

In order to display recent and relevant reviews, the link inviting the customer to submit their review can only be used over a limited period of 30 days. After this period, the customer will no longer be able to compose a review via the “Guest Review” application.

2.3 Moderation of reviews

The “Customer Reviews” application is subject to automatic moderation tools. B&B Hotels reserves the right to not publish or to remove definitively and without notice, reviews that would violate the rules of these Terms of Service. This option is not exclusive of the possibility for B&B Hotels to suspend or cancel access to the “Customer Reviews” application provided for in the article “suspension/termination of access to the “Customer Reviews” application”.

As the moderation is not able to detect all illicit content and in particular content infringing the rights of third parties, the Users indemnify B&B Hotels from and against any suit or claim following the publication of reviews which would prove to be illicit. The “Customer Reviews” application should not be used as or considered a social network or dating platform. In that sense, any exchange or attempt to exchange contact information will be considered contrary to the rules of use outlined below, and forming an integral part of these Terms of Service.

As the moderation is not able to detect all illicit content and in particular content infringing the rights of third parties, the Users indemnify B&B Hotels from and against any suit or claim following the publication of reviews which would prove to be illicit. The “Customer Reviews” application should not be used as or considered a social network or dating platform. In that sense, any exchange or attempt to exchange contact information will be considered contrary to the rules of use outlined below, and forming an integral part of these Terms of Service.

As part of the standardisation process of our customer reviews (a posteriori moderation or follow-up surveys) B&B Hotels reserves the right to contact the customer or the User by email to verify the authenticity of the review.

B&B Hotels provides Users with a link, on its digital platforms, to report a review. The “report a review” link is located on the review in question or through the contact form on our website (section 5).

2.4 Rules of use

Each User is legally liable for the use they make of their access to the “Customer Reviews” application. Any access made with the name and email of a User, via the invitation sent to them after their stay, is deemed to have been made by the User in question corresponding to that stay, as a B&B Hotels customer and under the sole liability of that User. With regard to the use of their access to the “Customer Reviews” application, the User is prohibited from usurping, using, transmitting or collecting any personal data and in particular any data that is prohibited, illegal, unlawful contrary to morality or public order and infringing or likely to infringe on the rights of third parties, intellectual property rights included.

  • More generally, the User agrees to respect the regulations in force relating to the following, without this list being exhaustive:
  • the privacy of individuals,
  • intellectual and industrial property,
  • the protection of personal data,
  • compliance with the rules of public order concerning the content of online information, the secrecy of correspondence and the prohibition on intercepting electronic communications sent over the Internet.
  • As the application is exclusively intended for the publication of User reviews regarding their stays in a B&B Hotel participating hotel, the User also, in the context of their use, agrees:
  • to make strictly personal use of their access to the “Customer Reviews” application and not to disclose it to a third party for any purpose (for personal or commercial purposes or to generate unsolicited emails such as spam),
  • to not disseminate any comments, images or URLs linking to websites offering content that would be particularly offensive, denigrating, defamatory, racist, xenophobic, encouraging pornography, pedophilia, suicide, discrimination, hate on the basis of a person’s origin or their membership or non-membership of a particular ethnicity, nationality, race or religion, to the commission of crimes or offenses, acts of terrorism, or condoning war crimes or crimes against humanity,
  • to not commit crimes and acts of piracy that violate the rights of others and the safety of persons and, in particular, to not harass, stalk or threaten anyone,
  • to not transmit or use malicious software (trojans, spyware, viruses) or any other program harmful or destructive to the “Customer Reviews” application or the data of other Users,
  • to not use the “Customer Reviews” application to advertise, in particular for the benefit of an advertiser, a service provider, a product manufacturer, a competitor, or a brand,
  • to not communicate email addresses or telephone numbers, nor to create hyperlinks to other Internet sites or service platforms,
  • to not use the “Customer Reviews” application fraudulently, abusively or excessively, notably by voluntarily or involuntary effecting the congestion of the service by indiscriminate direct mail advertising (spamming, bulk email, junk email, mail bombing) or by the sending of teasing or trolling messages that generate an excessive number of responses that could disrupt the availability of the “Customer Reviews” application,
  • to not reproduce, represent, make available, or communicate works or objects protected by a copyright or a related right without the authorisation of the holders of those rights,
  • to not reproduce, make available or resell in any form whatsoever all or part of the content of the “Customer Reviews” application. The use of such methods will be considered an infringement of the intellectual property rights of B&B Hotels.
  • In order to guarantee the authenticity of the reviews available on the “Customer Reviews” application, the User also agrees not to intentionally carry out activities that could have the following consequences:
  • hiding their true identity,
  • connecting or attempting to connect to the “Customer Reviews” application without permission,
  • collecting data from another natural or legal person,
  • impersonating another natural or legal person,
  • appropriating the access of another User,
  • altering, modifying or accessing data or information belonging to other Users of the “Customer Reviews” application,
  • disrupting, restricting, slowing down, disorganising, preventing or interrupting the normal operation of the “Customer Reviews” application,
  • modifying or destroying all or part of the information available on the “Customer Reviews” application.

B&B Hotels reserves the right to delete a review that does not respect these guidelines.

Reasons for rejecting a review

  • B&B HOTELS reserves the right to reject the review sent via the “Customer Reviews” application by a User in the following cases:
  • if the reviews administrator believes that their civil or criminal liability may be incurred;
  • if the “textual” content contains abusive language or profanity;
  • if the elements relating to the identity of the author contain abusive language or profanity;
  • if the textual content contains random characters or sequences of words without any meaning;
  • if the content is unrelated to the topic in question;
  • if the contents of the review contain specific elements that raise a conflict of interest;
  • if the textual content is poorly written to the point of being unintelligible;
  • if a user makes an inappropriate comment about another piece of content or its author;
  • if the textual content intended for publication contains personal information, such as the name or surname of individuals who are not public persons, a telephone number, a specific physical address or an email address;
  • if the textual content includes a credit card number, social security number, bank account number or any other information likely to result in identity theft;
  • if the textual content indicates that the User did not complete their consumer experience;
  • if the textual content includes a legal call to action;
  • if the content mentions websites, hyperlinks, URLs, email addresses or telephone numbers, including those of the customer;
  • if the textual content is clearly spam;
  • if the descriptive elements of the consumer experience are not informed.

Publication and reproduction of reviews

Reviews are published on the website and mobile applications within a maximum of 72 hours after the submission of the review.

The reviews will be posted for a period of 24 months after publication. Comments are displayed by default in the order of their date of posting.

An overall score is displayed for each review. It corresponds to the score entered for the question about the stay in its entirety (Overall Score).

The overall hotel rating (Overall Score) is calculated using a special algorithm to rate a hotel. The most recent customer reviews are given a greater weight. The calculation is based on data over the last 24 months from all sources. This overall score is rounded to the nearest half point.


  • a score of 3 or 3.1 or 3.2/5 will be displayed as 3/5
  • a score of 3.3 or 3.4 or 3.5/5 will be displayed as 3.5/5
  • a score of 3.6 or 3.7/5 will be displayed as 3.5/5
  • a score of 3.8 or 3.9 or 4/5 will be displayed as 4/5

Reporting review abuse and withdrawal from publication

A User or a customer may report a review published on the “Customer Reviews” application as abusive if they judge its contents to be such.

Customers or Users have the opportunity to request the modification/deletion of their review or that of a third party by requesting such through the dedicated link accompanying each review.

All changes or replacement of reviews lead to a new moderation process.

At the request of a hotelier, a review may be required to be withdrawn from publication if it does not comply with these Terms of Service. In all of these cases, the author of the review will be notified.

Commitment and liability of B&B Hotels

B&B Hotels reminds that the Internet is not a secure network. In such circumstances, it is contingent upon the User to take all appropriate measures to protect their own data and/or software from contamination by possible viruses circulating on the Internet or the intrusion of a third party in their computer equipment for any purpose whatsoever, and to put the usual safeguards in place on their equipment.

B&B Hotels employs the means available to it to ensure access to the “Guest Review” application but it can not guarantee the constant throughput, which depends specifically on the number of connected Users.

B&B Hotels is not liable for the content accessible via the Internet network and for any damage that may result from its use.

B&B Hotels cannot be held liable for the use of data or information that the User has put on the Internet through the “Customer Reviews” application.

B&B Hotels accepts no liability for the consequences of fraudulent, abusive or excessive use of the “Customer Reviews” application such as its intentional or involuntary congestion or the sending to the User of emails or indiscriminate direct mail advertising via the information which may have been collected by a third party from the “Customer Reviews” application.

  • The reporting of abuse is handled as follows:
  • 1. The abuse report returns the review to moderation (but does not necessarily guarantee it will be withdrawn from publication, after the moderation proceedings)
  • 2. The review or the response is studied by our moderation services and may be the object of an additional follow-up
  • 3. The source of the report may be contacted in this regard in the period during which the moderation takes place, the opinion or the response remaining in publication
  • 4. The review or the response is withdrawn from publication if it is contrary to the present Terms of Service
    • B&B Hotels’ liability cannot be invoked with regards to the User of the “Customer Reviews” application in the case of:
  • incorrect installation and/or misconfiguration and/or malfunctions of the User’s equipment,
  • misuse of the application,
  • inability to access the application,
  • disturbances, interruptions and/or the total or partial unavailability of the “Customer Reviews” application,
  • force majeure within the legal meaning of the Court of Cassation.

In no event will B&B Hotels be liable to repair the direct and/or indirect damages, material and/or immaterial, suffered by the User and/or third parties due to their use of the “Customer Reviews” application.

Liability of the User

The User is solely liable for any direct or indirect damage, material or immaterial, to any person that they cause as a result of the use of this application.

Suspension/termination of access to the application

B&B Hotels reserves the right to suspend or terminate a User’s access to the “Customer Reviews” application at any time, particularly in the event of the User’s breach of any of their obligations, the rules of use and especially in case of piracy, unlawful use or dissemination of messages contrary to public order or morality whose origin are from or are caused by the User’s account, and this without its liability being invoked and without the User being entitled to claim any compensation or reparation.

In addition, B&B Hotels, at the request of third parties or any relevant authorities, reserves the right to suspend or terminate a User’s access to the “Customer Reviews” application without its liability being invoked and without the User being entitled to claim any compensation or reparation.

Log file

The use of the “Customer Reviews” application generates, on the occasion of its use, a historical record of the reviews published by Users. These files are used for technical purposes. They are essential to the systems’ administration. They serve to address the malfunctioning of services or information systems used.

  • In addition Article R 10-13 of the Postal and Electronic Communications Code, resulting from the March 24, 2006 decree and modified by the March 30, 2012 decree, relating to the conservation of electronic communications data, dictates that the following data must be conserved for one year from the day it is recorded:
  • information to identify the user (IP address, phone number, etc.)
  • data relating to the communication terminal equipment used,
  • technical characteristics as well as the date, time and duration of each communication,
  • data relating to the supplementary services requested or used and their suppliers,
  • data allowing for the identification of the recipient(s) of the communication.

In the context of judicial proceedings, this information must be made available to the courts “for the purposes of the investigation, detection and prosecution of criminal offenses”. An extract of these files may be linked to the database of the concerned Users.

Depending on any changes to the legislation, additional information may be archived. The Users will be immediately notified.


The User is informed that when using the “Customer Reviews” application, information about the navigation of their terminal (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) on this application are likely to be recorded in “cookie” files installed on their terminal, subject to the choices they have made regarding cookies through the settings of their browser software.

Only the issuer of a cookie may modify or read the information contained therein.

  • The purpose of using these cookies is:
  • to allow for or facilitate access to the “Customer Reviews” application and to adapt the presentation of the application to the display preferences of users’ terminals during their visits (language used, display resolution, operating system used, etc.),
  • to store the information relating to the form that the User completed on the “Customer Reviews” application,
  • to allow the User to access their personal homepage,
  • to implement security measures, such as requesting that the User connect again to content or a service after a certain period of time. The User reserves the right at any time to reject the storing of cookies by configuring their browser for this purpose.

The configuration of the browser software allows for either the automatic storing of cookies on the terminal, or their systematic rejection, or their storing or rejection according to the issuer.

The configuration of the browser software also offers the ability to accept or refuse a cookie each time before it is saved on the terminal. Each browser’s configuration for the management of cookies is different.

It is described in the help menu of the browser which specifies the manner in which it is possible to modify the settings.

For the Mozilla Firefox browser, select the “Tools” menu then “Options”, click on the “Privacy” icon, locate the “Cookies” menu and select the options that best suit your preferences.

For the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser, choose the “Tools” menu then “Internet options”, click on the “Privacy” icon and then use your cursor to select the desired level.

The User is informed that they will no longer be able to benefit from certain functionalities necessary to navigate certain areas of our “Customer Reviews” application if they refuse the storing of cookies on their terminal or if they delete the ones already saved there. This will be the case if the User customer attempts to access content or services that require identification.

B&B Hotels accepts no liability for the consequences related to the degraded functioning of the “Customer Reviews” application resulting from the impossibility of storing or accessing the cookies necessary for its operation and which have been rejected or deleted.


When you access and use the “Customer Reviews” application, we collect and process, to the extent permitted by law, the personal data you provide to us (your name, date of birth, email address, booking details, etc.) or that are generated as a result of your access to the “Customer Reviews” application and its use. For more details on how we collect and process your personal data, see our Privacy Notice, available at:

Self-sufficiency of the provisions, non-renunciation

The provisions of these Terms of Service are self-sufficient.

If any of these provisions is declared void following a court decision, or unlawful or requiring modification following a decision of a national authority, in whole or in part, it shall be removed to the extent necessary, with the understanding that this nullity will not affect the other provisions of the Terms of Service, which will remain in force.

The fact that the User or B&B Hotels does not exercise any of its rights under these Terms of Service does not constitute a waiver of any right and its exercise.

Applicable law

These Terms of Service are governed by French law. Unless otherwise provided for by a mandatory legal provision in force that may apply to the User, any dispute relating to the validity, implementation and enforcement of these Terms of Service is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Brest (France), with all rights reserved however to file a petition in any other court of competent jurisdiction.


The User who contravenes the previously defined rules is liable to the suspension of their access to the “Customer Reviews” application as well as to the legal proceedings provided for by the laws and regulations in force.

Entry into force

The present Terms of Service for the “Customer Reviews” application are applicable and considered as accepted by the User upon validation of the notice by the User.

B&B Hotels reserves the right to modify these Terms of Service at any time.

Last updated on August 21, 2018.