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B&B HOTELS Spain & Portugal

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The purpose of this document is to collect the mandatory rules for all customers during their stay and / or access to our establishment, in accordance with applicable regulations and standards of B&B HOTELS Spain & Portugal.

The Internal Regulations are available to Customers at all times on the website of B&B HOTELS: in different languages, including Spanish, Portuguese and English.

In case of breach of any of these precepts, the establishment may require the Customer to leave immediately without any right to compensation for the Customer or refund of the amount paid.


This hotel establishment is for public use, with no restrictions other than those deriving from the legal provisions. 

The admission of people in this establishment will only be refused for the following reasons:

a) Due to lack of accommodation capacity or facilities. 

b) Failure to comply with the admission requirements established in these regulations. 

c) For behaving in a way that may cause danger or inconvenience to other people, or for obstructing the normal course of the activity. 

d) For failure to pay the total amount of the booking when requested to do so by hotel staff.

When the aforementioned circumstances occur or when people incur in one or more of the restrictions listed above, the staff responsible for the establishment may require them to leave the establishment, upon payment of any outstanding bills for the provision of services and consumption. 

It is expressly stated that free access to the facilities, services and accommodation of this hotel establishment will not be denied or restricted to people who wish to do so for reasons of gender, disability, with or without a guide dog, religion, opinion or any other personal or social circumstance.


The people wishing to make use of the accommodation, common facilities and, where applicable, the complementary services detailed in these Regulations, must present their identification documents for the purpose of admission and registration in the establishment's register. 

This establishment, once the people have been registered, shall draw up an admission document stating the name, category and registration number of the establishment, the number or identification of the assigned room, the number of people who are going to occupy it, the dates of arrival and departure and the meal plan that has been arranged and, when contracted directly, also the price of the accommodation. 

This admission document must be signed electronically by the interested party in order to formalise their admission, once they have been informed of the existence of these Regulations and of their rights and obligations. The client may request a copy of the document at any time from the establishment.

The presentation of any claim does not exempt from the obligation to pay for the contracted services. 

The establishment may require its users, at any time and upon presentation of the invoice and receipts, to pay for the services provided outside the accommodation, even if payment for them has been agreed beforehand. 

All visits to guest-occupied rooms are strictly prohibited, except with the authorisation of the management. The hotel reserves the right to ask for identification of any unauthorised person on the premises.

This establishment may request the assistance of law enforcement officers to evict from its premises users who do not comply with these regulations, who attempt to access or remain in them for purposes other than the normal use of the hotel services, as well as people who are not registered as users, attendees at meetings, etc. or who are involved in the cases set out in section 2 above. 

This establishment may request a guarantee of payment for the contracted services, in accordance with the applicable regulations, and to charge the corresponding amount to the user's account for any damage caused to the facilities, furniture and elements of the establishment due to negligence or misuse.


Check-in time is at 14h, while check-out is at 12h, and the management is entitled to ask the guest to vacate the room.

Late checkout will be from 12h and will entitle the guest to stay in the room until 13h, 14h, 15h depending on the contracted time. Late checkout is subject to availability. The management reserves the right to offer the late check-out service free of charge to certain clients or in different hotel promotions.


  • By policy of this establishment, the payment of the stay is made at the time of check-in. Likewise, any consumption made at a point of sale within the hotel must be paid for at the time of purchase. Unless otherwise stated in the terms and conditions of sale, by any of the means of payment accepted by the establishment.

Guests must pay by cash, credit or debit card or bank transfer. The hotel does not accept cheques as a payment method. 

The establishment may request a deposit or credit or debit card number as a guarantee of payment for your accommodation, no-show, damage caused or extra services and use this guarantee accordingly, and may charge the amount to the deposit or card in the event of any of these circumstances. Any refund of payments made in cash will be returned by bank transfer to the account designated by the client. Reservations will be guaranteed by credit card. Failing this, the client must provide €100 as a guarantee.

  • The establishment provides the Client with an electronic invoice service, for which the Client must expressly authorise the establishment during check-in to issue an electronic invoice and send it to the Client to the email address provided. The Customer may revoke their consent with the establishment or by using the contact address indicated on the invoice.
  • In no case may the number of people accommodated in each room exceed the capacity assigned by the hotel to each room.
  • Unless the establishment had informed of a different time before or at the time of booking, when the reservation admits cancellation, it must be cancelled, at the latest, until the date agreed in the specific conditions of payment of the selected rate and accepted by the Customer, by Internet or by contacting the establishment directly. 

If the reservation is not cancelled and the guest does not show up at the establishment (No-Show), the first night will be charged, except for non-refundable reservations where 100% of the reservation will be paid.

The hotel reserves the right, in the event of any type of damage, deterioration or theft caused in the room or any other hotel facility by the client, to claim the corresponding compensation from the client. The hotel may charge for the cost of towels (10€), pillows (25€), duvets (40€) or any other room equipment that may be missing after the client's departure. For this purpose, the cleaning staff carries out an exhaustive daily inventory check of each room.


  • Keep your belongings under surveillance in the communal areas of the establishment and in the car park, as they are your sole responsibility.
  • The establishment cannot be held responsible for the loss of jewellery, money, documents or other valuables of any kind kept in the rooms.
  • The objects left by the Clients in the establishment will be kept for 3 (three) months from the date of check-out, after which time the establishment will not be held responsible for them.
  • For reasons of hygiene and sanitation, the hotel does not keep any groceries or toiletries left in the room after your departure.
  • The staff of the establishment is not responsible for letters and/or parcels sent to Clients staying at the establishment. Clients must ensure that they receive their parcels personally.


For safety reasons, the use of gas or electric appliances such as camping gas, frying pans, etc. is prohibited. The use of any harmful or prohibited substances in the rooms or in any part of the establishment is forbidden. The use of candles and/or incense inside the rooms is not permitted.

It is not permitted to bring firearms, explosive materials, flammable materials, narcotics or similar substances into the hotel.

To guarantee the security, privacy and tranquillity of guests, this hotel establishment has surveillance devices, with constant recording in corridors and other general or common areas.


All B&B HOTELS Spain & Portugal are smoke-free establishments. Therefore, smoking is strictly prohibited in any area of the hotel. Failure to do so will result in an additional cleaning charge of €300.

9.- PETS

The only pets allowed are dogs and cats up to 40 kg in weight (except guide dogs), and only one pet per room will be accepted. If your pet does not meet any of these requirements, you must inform the hotel to confirm your reservation.

The signature of the pet policy will be required for the assumption of responsibility for possible damages and commitment to comply with the rules, indications of the hotel staff and regulations stated below.: 

During your stay at the hotel, your pet must be kept on a leash, in your arms or in a carrier.

  • Pets must always be under the supervision of their owner and may not be left alone on the hotel premises at any time.
  • The rooms in which the pet/s is/are present at the time will not be cleaned.
  • For access to the dining areas, you will need to be positioned where indicated by the hotel staff for your convenience.
  • Pets must have appropriate medical certification confirming up-to-date vaccinations.
  • The animal is not allowed to climb on beds, sofas, armchairs, etc. If you want to dry or clean your pet's paws after a walk, please do not use the hotel towels..
  • The owner will be responsible for picking up the pet's faeces and the dirt produced by the pet(s). In case of non-compliance, the owner will pay €100 for cleaning, without prejudice to the obligation to submit to the corresponding Municipal Ordinances..
  • Guests staying with pets are obliged to report any damage they may find in the room at check-in. In the absence of notification, the owner will be responsible for the cost of repairing the damage that can be located/identified in the room at the time of check-out.
  • In the event of a complaint from other hotel guests due to your pet's misbehaviour, you must remove your pet from the hotel premises.


When parking the vehicle, the Customer must occupy only one parking space.

The use of the parking area for disabled people must be justified by showing the valid disability badge inside the vehicle.

If it is a paid car park, please check availability. Please check with the establishment for parking rates. Payment for this service must be made in advance. If it is a free use car park, it will always be subject to availability. It will be exclusively for Clients staying at the establishment, coinciding with their period of accommodation, and ending at check-out.

The parking service is a service linked to the accommodation service. For non-accommodated visitors, please check availability, conditions and rates with the establishment.

The establishment is not responsible for any damage caused to vehicles using the garage service, or for any objects deposited in them, or the theft of the vehicle itself.

It is not permitted for people to stay for a prolonged period of time inside the vehicle in the parking area of the hotel.

The Customer shall be liable to the establishment and other Customers for any damages caused to them as a result of a breach of duty or carelessness in driving the vehicle in the car park. The Customer accepts that the establishment may charge the amount of any damage caused to the establishment to the card deposited as a guarantee for the stay.

All vehicles will be removed from the site by means of a tow truck, after 72 hours of which no information is available on the owner or responsible party, and the presence of the respective authorities will be requested and the vehicle will be taken to the facilities of said institution.


The hotel provides a free wake-up service. However, the hotel is not responsible for missed flights in the event of an incident with the wake-up service.


  • The hotel has eliminated 100% of single-use plastics in its rooms to make the stay more sustainable. As a result, guests will not find any disposable plastic in the room.
  • Guests staying for more than one night have the option to turn down the cleaning of their room to help the environment and in return they will get a free breakfast.  
  • In order to reduce the environmental impact, the guest will find a set of towels in the bathroom. If an extra set of towels is needed, it can be found in a cloth bag in the room.


  • Customers must respect the opening and closing times of the catering establishments.
  • It is not allowed to take food from the buffet restaurant.
  • Access to the catering premises must be made with appropriate clothing and cleanliness. Customers wearing swimming costumes, barefoot, shirtless or similar will not be allowed access.
  • Our hotels do not offer room service.