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Our job offers



Welcome to B&B Hotels, the hotel chain where work becomes a passion. We believe that the key ingredients for building an employing brand like the one we have today are transparency, dynamism, focus on results, equality, respect, excellence in service, maximum customer service, passion for our work, flexibility to change, entrepreneurial spirit, honesty and teamwork.

The work of each one of our employees and, at the same time, of all together for us is a value. We identify with the motto "Smart people", in other words, we are a team of very dynamic people, very motivated, with "hunger" and desire to grow, trained to provide answers and solutions instantly, very united.

Companionship between the whole team, at all levels and a very close treatment characterize our way of relating.

If you share our values and identify with our way of being, please do not hesitate to present your candidacy at (Email only for job offers in Spain and Portugal)

Reporting responsible

The main responsibility and goals of the position are to:

- Develop periodical reports and KPIs for monitoring the performance against
objectives and last year
-Preparation of revenue and benchmark reports
-Preparation capex reports
-Internal control tasks
-Collaboration in the preparation of accurate budget and forecasts
-Internal control tasks

-Assist in maintaining the controlling master data
-Participate in BI implementation

Education and Experience required

-MS Excel expert skills is mandatory
-Financial degree (economics, business or similar).
-Minimum 2-3 years of experience in controller department
-Knowledge of English language (some reports are in English)


-Knowledge of finance, accounting, budgeting and cost control principles
-Strong organizational and analytical ability to understand and process data
-Controller mentality to make sure processes are followed
-Team working and interpersonal skills
-Proactive, versatile, and open minded
-Solution oriented with autonomy