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About B&B Hotels Group

Who are we?

B&B Hotels is the hotel chain specialized in offering warm, modern, attractive and affordable accommodations, faithful to its philosophy econochic© and smart sleep©. We are the leading and fastest growing independent hotel chain in the Budget&Economy sector. We have more than 500 hotels and more than 40,000 rooms in 12 countries: Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, Brazil, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia and Belgium.

Key dates in the history of the B&B Hotels group:

  • 1990: Simultaneous opening of the first hotels in Brest and St-Malo.
  • 1998: Opening of the first hotel in Germany.
  • 2007: Acquisition of the Village Hotels group with almost 60 hotels in France and 2 in Germany.
  • 2009: Opening of the first hotels in Italy.
  • 2010: Opening of the market in Poland.
  • 2012: Opening of the 200th hotel in France.
  • 2013: Acquisition of 4 hotels in Spain.
  • 2015: Opening of the B&B Hotel in Disneyland® Paris.
  • 2016: Opening of the 250th hotel in France and acquisition of the Sidorme Group with 15 hotels in Spain.
  • 2017: B&B Hotels has more than 400 hotels throughout Europe.
  • 2018: First openings in Portugal, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia.
  • 2019: Opening of Hotel 500 in Palermo, Italy. 

B&B Hotels establishments are aimed at both business and leisure travellers. In the midst of an expansion project, the French group expects to end 2020 with more than 620 hotels and approximately 55,000 rooms.