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About B&B Hotels Group

Who are we?

B&B Hotels is the leading independent European budget hotel chain with 470 hotels in 11 countries in 2018. B&B Hotels welcome both business and tourist guests and provides them high quality comfort and services at reasonable prices, as expressed in its Econochic® (cheap and stylish) concept, everywhere in Europe (soon... a new B&B Hotel is opened every week!) Econochic® and proud of it!

The key dates

  • 1990: First hotels in Brest and St-Malo open simultaneously
  • 1998: First hotel opens in Germany
  • 2007: Acquisition of the Village Hotels group with nearly 60 hotels in France and 2 in Germany
  • 2009: First hotels open in Italy
  • 2010: Focus on Poland
  • 2012: 200th hotel in France opens
  • 2013: 4 hotels acquired in Spain
  • 2015: B&B Hotel opens in Disneyland® Paris
  • 2016: 250th hotel in France opens and acquisition of the Sidorme group with 19 hotels in Spain
  • 2017: B&B Hotels has more than 400 hotels across Europe

A few key figures

The B&B Hotels Group is the third largest budget hotels chain in Europe.
B&B Hotels Group operates more than 470 hotels in Europe*:

273 hotels in France, 120 hotels in Germany, 33 hotels in Italy, 31 hotels in Spain, 6 hotels in Poland, 3 hotels in Switzerland, 1 hotel in the Czech Republic, 1 hotel in Portugal, 1 hotel in Belgium, 1 hotel in Slovenia and and 1 hotel in Brazil.

A new opening is planned in 2018 in Austria.