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Responsible and sustainable company - CSR

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a way of managing companies based on managing the impacts that their activity generates on their customers, employees, shareholders, local communities, the environment and society in general. Discover all the initiatives we have in B&B Hotels Portugal!




According to the International Labour Organisation (ILO), there are a number of circumstances that continue to impede equal opportunities in the world of work. At B&B HOTELS we firmly believe in diversity, in the promotion of equal opportunities and in the fight against discrimination.  

In fact, in our meritocratic business model we offer equal opportunities to everyone, giving the possibility to grow up to management positions to the whole team. While for many companies diversity and inclusion is a challenge, at B&B Hotels we have been working on this model for many years; a model that we believe can only enrich and add value at all levels. 

Employees of B&B Hotels can say that we are really proud to belong to an organisation that is diverse, inclusive and committed to society.

If you also share this philosophy, join the B&B team! 








Happy companies, yes! it's a reality. At B&B Hotels we promote a happy environment for our employees. Our aim is to make more and more people happy in the place where they work, promoting not only the happiness of our employees but also their well-being in the workplace. 

Did you know that a happy employee has all these benefits?

+ 37% increase in sales

+ 31% productivity

+ 19% effectiveness

+ 86% creativity

- 55% staff turnover

- 52% turnover costs

- Reduction of illnesses

At B&B Hotels, we have been carrying out activities to be a happy company for several years and we are committed to the happiness and well-being of our work teams.

And you? What are you doing to be happy?






At B&B Hotels we are not satisfied. Our employees are characterised by their "hunger" to grow professionally, to excel every day and to constantly achieve new challenges. For this reason and because we always want to improve, we work with the "Rockefeller" method.

Scaling Up is a growth methodology that focuses on the 4 fundamental pillars that make up companies: TEAM, STRATEGY, EXECUTION and EFFECTIVENESS

  • TEAM: People are the foundation of your company. In this pillar, you establish leadership and have the right people in your team. 
  • STRATEGY: Can everyone on your team describe your company's strategy in a simple way? Create an easy strategy so that the whole team is aligned and knows the Strengths and Weaknesses they face.
  • EXECUTION: Improve all your execution processes; how to define your priorities; how to have a good meeting rhythm that allows your team to perform well and make better decisions.
  • CASH: Put in place innovative ways to generate cash flow internally.

We know that great companies are not born overnight. We are of the philosophy that to succeed you have to have a strategic plan and Rockefeller Habits helps us move beyond the threshold of survival into the big leagues of business development. 






Our employees are our greatest asset. That is why at B&B Hotels we apply a satisfaction survey to our employees to find out how they feel about working with us. 

At B&B Hotels it is extremely important for us to know the opinions of those who know us from the inside. We strive to keep not only our customers but also our employees satisfied. 

We want everyone who is part of B&B Hotels to feel comfortable with us! In fact, we are rated 66 by our employees, which is considered an excellent result. NPS ratings can range from -100 to 100. If the score is between 0 and 50, the level of loyalty and loyalty is considered to be good. If the score is above +50, it is considered excellent and employees feel very proud of the company they work for. 











Do you know what are some of the actions we do in B&B focused on our employees? We tell you!

  • We have agreements with local universities and business schools to offer internship programmes to students. We believe that everyone needs a first chance in the working world.
  • We select the best talent by looking at people's values as well as their academic background.
  • We promote diversity, specifically gender diversity, as well as cultural and nationality diversity with equal conditions and rights for all of them.
  • We encourage internal communication telling the achievements of each department, new actions that are implemented and to be carried out, the new appointments of our colleagues, useful information with a press section with all the news about the company, etc... 

At B&B Hotels we form the best team! 






Because at B&B Hotels we believe in a better world, we have launched a unique initiative in our hotels, becoming the first hotel chain that eliminates plastic from all their rooms. Thanks to this action we are able to save 52,000 kg of plastic every year. Join us!

At B&B Hotels Spain and Portugal we have managed to eliminate 100% of disposable plastics in our rooms. We are changing to make your stay more sustainable! Below, we tell you about all the measures we are taking to be Plastic Free:

  1.  We bottle our water in cardboard bottles, made from 70% renewable materials and with vegetable-based caps.
  2. Our cups are now made of paper, thus benefiting the cardboard recycling rate of 77% compared to 35% for plastic.
  3. Our litter bins will be free of plastic bags, thus avoiding the annual disposal of over 8,000kg of plastic waste which takes 10-20 years to decompose.
  4. We now use soap dispensers and eliminate the use of amenities due to their high environmental impact. However, guests who want amenities will be able to buy them at reception and a percentage of this money will be donated to the Spanish Marine Litter Association. This association is responsible for eliminating plastic in the oceans.

Do you want to join us?





Urban transport is responsible for 30% of all CO2 emissions. Another of the initiatives we have implemented at B&B Hotels are chargers for electric cars.  Our customers will be able to recharge their vehicles free of charge. You will find two charger units in each of our car parks; one exclusive for Tesla customers, and another for all electric vehicles with a Type 2 connector.

We are convinced that the world must be more sustainable. At B&B Hotels we are committed to the environment, as well as to innovation and technology. In addition, our guests are everything to us and we think about the benefits it can bring them.  We are very proud to be one of the hotel chains in Spain that offers this type of service to its clients.

In short, our goal with the implementation of these initiatives is to fight for a better world and make the guest feel at home, have a unique stay and take the best memory of their stay in our hotels.

We are waiting for you with your electric car!







The water footprint is an environmental indicator that measures the global volume of fresh water in litres or cubic metres.  Water is one of our most precious commodities and at B&B Hotels we want to encourage responsible water use.  According to our hypothesis, each year we manage to consume 115 million litres less water. Below, we detail all the actions we are carrying out to reduce our water footprint: 

  • We know that our customers are as concerned about the environment as we are. With the "Be Eco" initiative, they can help make the world a better place by refusing to clean their rooms every day. In return, we give them a free breakfast or 4€.  
  • Our showers have a system that helps to save the flow rate compared to ordinary shower heads, as well as single lever mixers. They have a mechanism that helps to reduce the flow rate. They also have a system that regulates the demand for hot water, saving water and energy.
  • In the taps we have water aerators, which have the same function as conventional filters, with the difference that they mix the water with air. In this way, the amount of water used is much less without this being noticeable in its appearance, generating considerable savings.
  • As a novelty, in our hotel in Spain, B&B Hotel Madrid Puerta del Sol, we have incorporated designer body hairdryers. Every time you use this dryer, avoiding the use of a towel to dry yourself, you save and stop polluting 70 litres of water. In addition, the use of detergents is avoided and therefore 0,55 kilograms less CO2 is emitted. 
  • Our toilets have dual flush mechanisms. In these cisterns the push button has two buttons, one for half flush and one for full flush. 

We believe that this is the right way to move towards sustainable tourism! Are you up for it?






We reinforced our commitment to sustainability by installing thermal panels, heat recovery and replacing all conventional light bulbs with LED bulbs. 

By replacing gas with thermal panels, we have achieved cost savings and reduced CO2 emissions by 200 tonnes per year.

We also use heat recovery units that allow us to use the waste heat from the cooling of the hotel to heat the sanitary water and renew the air in the building efficiently. 

As for LED lights, we have more than 3,000 rooms in our hotels and in each room we have an average of 7 bulbs. This allows us to emit around 400 tonnes of CO2 less per year. A very simple change with a great impact. 

Our objective with the implementation of these initiatives is to produce clean and environmentally friendly energy from sunlight and air. It is the sum of each action that makes the difference in the end and at B&B Hotels we are not lagging behind. 

Let's fight global warming!








Did you know that to produce an average of 12,000 sheets of paper is needed, the cellulose of a single tree on average and according to research, it takes 15 trees to make a ton of paper? In order to preserve our forests, at B&B Hotels we are Paperless, meaning that in our offices we do not use paper and if we use, we will make the minimum use. Here are some of the actions we have taken:

  • Our offices do not have a printer.
  • Our invoices are digital and are only printed if the client requests it.
  • The "Welcome" with which we welcome our customers is sent digitally.
  • We have eliminated the consignment or shift change book used by our receptionists for a digital document.

In addition, the benefits of eliminating paper are innumerable:

  • Less need for physical storage space;
  • Less production of garbage (environmental awareness);
  • Digital documents can be consulted faster;
  • Collaboration is easier on documents;
  • Less time is wasted searching for documents;

You can also help us to improve our world!






More and more individuals, companies, associations, institutions, organizations of different types, cities and towns are betting on the conservation of the biodiversity of our Planet, but we still have a lot to do. Since 2019, at B&B Hotels we have joined the "Earth Hour" initiative every year.  Every year, on the night of 30 March, between 20:30h and 21:30h, we symbolically turn off the lights in all our receptions, common rooms and outdoor areas. 

Earth Hour was first celebrated on 31 March 2007 in Sydney, Australia. It is estimated that from 7:30 p.m. to 8:30 a.m. between 2.1 % and 10.2 % was saved. About 2.2 million people participated. The U.S. city of San Francisco was inspired by this idea and led people to participate and observe the beauty of the night sky, without the interference of Lights Out' light.

Moved by the accomplishments, Earth Hour organizers did the same in 2008, between 8:00 and 9:00 pm. 34 countries and 400 cities from around the world participated. Since then, every year the results are better.

Don't hesitate and join the next one!