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B&B HOTELS Germany: Information about COVID-19

Only for Everyone - Together we are strong

Dear guests,

We are facing challenging times these days. Every one of us plays an important part in order to prevent the Coronavirus from spreading and to protect our population. We want to assure you that the health and safety of our guests, our employees and the entire population are our top priority as a company at any given time.

Uncertainty and confusion became our constant companions in the past couple of weeks. Especially the tourism and hospitality industry is affected by hourly changes. Therefore, we would like to provide you with an overview of all important topics in regard to your booking at one of our hotels as well as useful information about the Coronavirus.

We deeply regret that many of you will have to postpone long planned holidays and visits. We are also aware of the fact that the cancellation of trade fairs and events affect planned business travels and meetings. To ease your further planning, we want to offer you the most possible flexibility and provide you with a summary of our adapted cancellation policies.

We have again extended our high hygiene standards, because your health is our top priority. Thus, even under the current regulations, we can offer you an all-round good and safe feeling during your stay in our hotels.

The coronavirus will continue to affect us and our lives for an indefinite period. The situation is new to all of us but we will master this challenge together with you. We wish you and your loved ones health and confidence in these challenging times. Together we will do everything possible to contain the further spread of the virus and look forward to the time after.

We are always here for you! #onlyforeveryone



Max C. Luscher

CEO Central and Northern Europe B&B HOTELS

Information about your booking

Please inform yourself about the travel regulations of the respective federal states before you start your journey. You can view them here. Should you have any further questions regarding booking, please do not hesitate to contact your B&B hotel by phone or e-mail.

Information about your stay

On 2nd April, the transitional period ends and the new Infection Protection Act (IfSG) comes into force.
On the basis of the new IfSG and the thus unclear further course of the coronalage, we at B&B are adhering to our basic hygiene guidelines for the protection of our customers. Please note that, due to the dynamic nature of infections, protective measures such as mask requirements, distance requirements, verification requirements or hygiene requirements may exist in different forms in different regions.

Update October 1, 2022 (valid until April 7, 2023).

In order to protect particularly vulnerable groups during the cold seasons, new regulations regarding corona protection measures under the Infection Protection Act will come into force from October 1. In the course of this we would like to inform you that during your stay in one of our B&B hotels a mask obligation in publicly accessible indoor rooms can be effective. In which federal states this regulation applies is decided individually at the state level. Please find out in good time whether your destination is affected.
Please also note that new measures may be ordered at short notice in the event of an acute deterioration in the health situation.

Our security measures

The health of our guests and employees is always, and of course especially now, an absolute priority at B&B HOTELS. For this reason, we have taken numerous precautions on site at our hotels to ensure the safety and health of our guests and employees in the best possible way. Below you will find further information about your stay with us.

COVID regulations in B&B hotels abroad

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