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At B&B Hotels we don’t celebrate women's day, we celebrate women's month. 

We encourage you to enjoy a few days of disconnection and rest and take time to make that impossible getaway, visit your mother, gather the group that is so hard to get together or simply because you want it. 

With the code: BBWOMEN you will have a 10% discount* on your reservation during the whole month of March to enjoy Barcelona, Zaragoza, Valencia, Porto, Lisbon... You have more than 45 hotels in Spain and Portugal!

Every day, every woman has the power and is responsible for her thoughts and actions, to build a better present and future and, throughout history, many women have inspired us to overcome ourselves and achieve new goals. We want to encourage mutual support among women, to overcome obstacles and difficulties, both individual and collective. 

And you, which woman inspires you to be better?

Join our challenge and share on Instagram a photo or video of that woman using the hashtag #bbwomeninspiration

    *Discount code conditions:

    • Valid for bookings with a minimum stay of 2 nights. 
    • Valid for reservations made from 01/03/2022 to 31/03/2022.
    • Valid for stays from 01/03/2022 to 13/04/2022.
    • Valid for hotels in Spain and Portugal.
    • Valid for bookings through our website and app.
    • Not combinable with other offers and special rates.
    • Subject to hotel availability.