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Berlin Central Station

Welcome to Berlin! If you arrive in Berlin by train or ICE, you will be one of the approximately 330,000 travelers who arrive at the famous Berlin Hauptbahnhof Central Station each day to visit the German capital or to work in Berlin. This makes Berlin's Central Station the fourth most important DB long-distance station in Germany after Hamburg, Frankfurt am Main and Munich. But there is much more to it than that! 


A train station of superlatives

In keeping with the stunning metropolis on the river Spree, Berlin's Hauptbahnhof Central Station also impresses with an extraordinary range of services and plenty of flair. It is therefore hardly surprising that the distinctive train station is now one of the most important Berlin attractions alongside the Brandenburg Gate, the Victory Column and the Reichstag. Both its central location in the Moabit district of Berlin Mitte and its immediate proximity to the capital's government district make this extraordinary building an inviting place to visit. The station was built by Germany's famous architect, Meinhard von Gerkan, who constructed a modern transportation hub on the site of the former Lehrter Stadtbahnhof, which was intended to delight Berliners and the many visitors to the capital. The station was opened on May 28, 2006 after an eleven-year construction period. The result is more than just a fascinating junction station with a total of 14 platform tracks on several levels, where almost 1,300 different local and long-distance trains (including ICE) stop every day, but also an extensive commercial area. There is an impressive 15,000 square meters of floor space available on the three floors of the station, which is currently used by more than 80 retail outlets which provide a unique shopping experience. And so, travelers at Berlin Hauptbahnhof station have the opportunity to pass the time by visiting the various shops related to clothing, gastronomy, health, groceries, and much more. Of course, travelers and visitors at Berlin Hauptbahnhof station also have access to free Wi-Fi, so you can conveniently check your travel connections or handle your emails at any time. At the same time, on the ground floor of the station, you will find a DB Travel Center, a DB Lounge, numerous luggage lockers, and last but not least, a variety of bicycle parking spaces This allows travelers to inquire about arrival or departure times directly on site, request a city map or local area map, or securely store their luggage until their onward journey. Visitors also have easy access to the city's public transportation system from the Hauptbahnhof. Whether by subway to Alexanderplatz or Tiergarten, by tram to Charlottenburg or by metro and night bus to City Ost - the capital is waiting to be discovered from Berlin Hauptbahnhof. A modern guidance system for blind visitors and an orientation system throughout the station ensure accessibility to make sure that blind and visually impaired passengers can easily find their way around the building. Guide strips for the blind as well as handrail markings, voice announcements, elevators, barrier-free access to platforms, an optional mobility service provided by Deutsche Bahn and much more make traveling through one of Berlin's main transportation hubs particularly easy and pleasant.


At the heart of the city

Whether you're just passing through, planning to explore Berlin for a day, or arranging a longer stay with your family in the capital, it is hard to get around without passing through Berlin Central Station. Starting from here you can reach practically every corner of the capital. From the Hauptbahnhof you can quickly reach almost every landmark including, the Berlin airports as well as the famous Postdamer Platz, the Pfaueninsel to the west, and Berlin Mitte with the popular Museumsinsel as well as some of the best restaurants in the city. For those whose journey to Berlin ends at Berlin Hauptbahnhof, there is also the opportunity to explore the city conveniently on foot. For example, leaving the building through the northern entrance will lead you directly to Europaplatz and Invalidenstrasse. At the same time, the southern exit takes you directly to Washingtonplatz and to the Spree. In addition, the Spreebogenpark, also located to the south, with the Federal Chancellery, Paul-Löbe-Haus, and the Swiss Embassy running parallel to the park, offers a wonderful opportunity to enjoy any waiting times in one of parks in Berlin. Or you can leave the Central Station to the east to visit Humboldthafen and explore some of the highlights in Berlin Mitte. And even if you are not using public transport in Berlin, but are traveling by car, you will find excellent parking facilities very close to the station. One great option, for example, is the modern parking garage on Clara-Jaschke-Str. 88, from where you also have access to buses and trains. There are also additional lockers available here to store your luggage.


Discover Berlin

Would you like to experience Berlin as part of a longer stay? Then with B&B you will find numerous worthwhile hotels around the main station, but also in all other parts of the city.  If you are also looking for a particularly attractive price-performance ratio, you can enjoy some great savings with the help of the convenient B&B HOTELS. Simply visit our website or use the B&B HOTELS mobile app, get to know our offer and find your favorite hotel for an unforgettable stay in the German capital.

There you will see more of our hotels, such as the B&B HOTEL Berlin Airport, which is ideal if you are flying out early. There is also the B&B HOTEL Berlin Charlottenburg which is in a wonderfully vibrant part of the city. Other options in the city include the B&B Hotel Berlin Tiergarten, the B&B Hotel Berlin Potsdamer Platz and the B&B Hotel Berlin Adlershof.

Of course, our staff will be happy to provide you with further information about the city, attractions, offers or even car rental in Berlin. Did you like our offer and are you already dreaming about your next trip or a future city break? Then get to know the other B&B HOTELS in Germany. It's worth browsing!