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International Women's Day

Gender inequality is still a reality. Today, many women still do not have equal access to the labour market. Some have managed to occupy positions that could never have been imagined before, but the reality is that no woman has yet reached the presidency of the Government, only 34% have managed to occupy positions of responsibility in companies and the wage gap between the sexes is still 22%.

At B&B Hotels Spain and Portugal we have joined International Women's Day to commemorate the struggle of women for their participation in society and their full development as individuals, but also to reflect on the progress made, celebrate the courage and determination of those who have played a key role in history and continue to do so today, and remember that we still have a long way to go.

In order to continue doing our bit for equal rights and opportunities between women and men, we have launched our campaign 'Because talent has no gender', which pays tribute to all working women.

Many women are a reference for many others. We want them to continue to serve as an inspiration for all of us to continue fighting for an equal working world. Let's keep working together to break the glass and concrete ceilings that still remain.

The B&B Spain and Portugal team is made up of 60% women and 60% in management positions. We believe in the responsibility and capacity that companies have to transform society and create an egalitarian society where we all have the same opportunities. 

In addition, this year we joined the #ChooseToChallenge movement with our hands up to demonstrate our commitment and challenge inequality, denounce prejudice, question stereotypes and help build an inclusive world. We encourage you to raise your hand and share these photos with the world!

#ChooseToChallenge #IWD2021