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The safety of our teams, guests and staff has always been and remains our priority. We go beyond compliance with the health instructions of national and local authorities to be the safest hotel chain in terms of cleaning and disinfection you can go to. Below, we tell you about all the measures we have implemented in our hotels.

1. Cleaning and safety protocols certified by Applus+



Travel safely with B&B Hotels. Applus+, a world leader in the certification, inspection and testing sector, has certified our cleaning and safety protocols against the COVID-19 risks. We work to welcome you back to our hotels and offer you maximum safety, peace of mind and flexibility so you can enjoy your stay.

All our establishments follow the practices and recommendations of the World Health Organisation and health authorities. Cleanliness and disinfection is extreme both in common areas and in rooms. We use products approved by the Ministry of Health in all common areas, rooms, contact surfaces, objects, as well as in our linen. 

The safety of our clients, employees and collaborators is our main concern. Our hotels follow all protocols to facilitate the required social distance. Therefore, we have created signage in all common areas of the hotel reminding the need to maintain a safe distance, as well as the use of masks, and we have installed separation screens. We have also redesigned the communal areas by placing the furniture to comply with current legislation in terms of capacity and distancing. 

Finally, our teams receive constant training and all the necessary equipment, such as masks, hydroalcoholic gel, thermometers, etc. to work safely.

The recently published Royal Decree 286/2022, April 19, modifies the mandatory use of masks during the health crisis situation caused by COVID-19. The use of masks in hotels is not obligatory for clients, for hotel employees the use of masks is not obligatory, but on a voluntary basis and for prudence we suggest that they continue to be used.

You can travel with peace of mind with B&B Hotels!

2.  24/7 free emergency medical service



At B&B Hotels we are deeply committed to the wellbeing of our guests. That's why we have reached an agreement with Quirónsalud, Spain's leading hospital group, to offer you free urgent health cover in all our hotels in Spain. This applies to COVID-19 related issues as well as any other type of incident or pathology. Your health is our priority and we want the best for you. 

How does it work?

1. You can call the multilingual call centre (+ 34 901 123 456) 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

2. In the shortest possible time and free of charge, you will receive assistance in person at our hotels or online. 

3. If necessary, you will be transferred by ambulance and you will be personally received in the emergency room of the hospital with premium service.

If you test positive for COVID-19 or have close contact with someone infected, you can be attended telematically in more than 10 languages. In addition, you can request antigen and PCR tests with exclusive discounts, without waiting, with the possibility of cancelling or changing your appointment up to 24 hours in advance, and with all the guarantee and security of Quirónsalud. 

3. Digitalisation of our services



In order to minimize the interaction and direct contact between guests and hotel employees, we have implemented new digital solutions.


  • Online Pre-Check-in: online service for check-in minimizing interaction with staff. You will only have to go through reception to confirm your identity. 


  • Digital Welcome: thanks to the new digital welcome, you will receive in your e-mail all the services we have at the hotel without having to go through reception. 




4. Adapting our restaurant services



To avoid crowds and any potential contamination, we have adapted our catering services.

We have redesigned the buffet breakfasts. Below, we detail each of the safety measures implemented.

- Placement of hydroalcoholic gel dispensers at the entrance to the dining room.

- Mandatory use of gloves when picking up any type of product or eating utensil.

- Mandatory use of masks when not seated at the table.

- Placement of tables and food supply areas with adequate safety distance.

- Removal of products commonly used by guests, e.g. oil cruets, cruet shakers, sauce boats, salt shakers, etc.

In addition, we offer Take Away breakfast so that you can enjoy it in your room. For your peace of mind, the content of the Take Away breakfast is prepared in single-use containers and we minimise the handling of the products.

Finally, with our room service and catering we offer different meal options following strict safety protocols

5. About your reservations



We have made our booking policy more flexible in order to give you the greatest peace of mind and still offer you the best value for money. Refundable reservations made in hotels in Spain will allow a free date change until 6 pm of the day before arrival date.

Thanks to the support of a recognised brand, an innovative business model and the high quality of our services, at B&B Hotels Spain we are at the disposal of all our guests, to make your stay with us a positive and safe experience.

If you have made a reservation in another country, you can find here the measures applied in each country:

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B&B Hotels France

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B&B Hotels Poland

B&B Hotels Austria

B&B Hotels Belgium

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B&B Hotels Brazil




We would like to inform you that you will need to show one of the following documents in order to access the hotel's restaurant areas:

  • COVID EU digital certificate.
  • Complete vaccination COVID-19.
  • Negative PCR in the last 72 hours or in the last 48 hours in the case of antigen test.
  • Certificate of recovery of COVID-19, less than 6 months.

If you don’t have any of the required documents, you will not be able to use the buffet or eat in the common areas of the hotel. We remind you that we have a take away breakfast that you can enjoy in your room. 

Can't wait to see you in our hotels!