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B&B HOTELS, the first hotel chain Sustainability certified!

This is new. This is unprecedented. And we are very proud to share with you that B&B HOTELS is now Sustainability certified!

What does it mean?

Our Corporate Social Responsibility approach was assessed by an external and independent certification body. SOCOTEC audited the strategy and actions B&B HOTELS put in place as a company to have a positive societal and environmental impact.
Sustainability Experts managed by SOCOTEC have audited our headquarters and 87 hotels in France, Italy, Germany and Spain, assessing no less than 125 items in 5 categories (Sustainable management system, Social, Culture, Governance and Environment topics).

This validates the credibility and authenticity of our CSR commitments.


The first Sustainability Certification adapted for the hospitality industry.

This certification is recognized by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council’s (GSTC) and integrates the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) requirements.




This rewards a huge team work, including everyone at B&B HOTELS. A dedicated taskforce audited existing CSR initiatives, worked to meet the 125 requirements for CSR certification, surveyed 70 000 people and measured our carbon footprint among other tasks.

B&B HOTELS in now certified on sustainability*, proving its CSR commitment and results to promote the idea that travel is about pleasure, interactions, and must be  sustainability driven.

* 5 headquarters and 477 hotels in France, Germany, Italy and Spain.