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  • Welcome to B&B HOTELS Austria 1Hotel B&B
  • 27/02/202128/02/2021
  • 1 pokoj, 1 dospělý
  • 1 pokoj, 1 osoba

Welcome to B&B HOTELS Austria, 4 hotely(ů)

Welcome to Austria

B&B HOTELS welcomes you to Austria since December 2018. With the B&B Hotel Wien, we were opening our 129th hotel in August 2018 in the German-speaking area. Of course, we have brought our demands for a good price-performance ratio across the border. You can expect the same high B&B HOTELS standards at low prices here as in Germany or France. Make us a visit and let us convince you of the UNESCO World Heritage Graz as well as our B&B Hotel.

We look forward to your visit!


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