B&B Hotel MARSEILLE Estaque

  • ZAC de Saumaty Séon
    Rue Pascal Xavier Coste
    13016 Marseille

  • 08 92 70 75 37

  • Access

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du 19/09/2014 au 20/09/2014
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  • ZAC de Saumaty Séon
    Rue Pascal Xavier Coste
    13016 Marseille

    08 92 70 75 37

    +33 (0)2 98 33 75 29

  • Latitude: 43.36056

    Longitude: 5.33639


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Our services

  • Private bathroom
  • exclusive B&B pillows
  • Free and unlimited Wi-Fi
  • Drink and Snack
  • Air conditionning
  • Private B&B car park
  • bultex
  • couette
  • Money back & Invited back Guarantee!
  • video guard
  • dac
  • checkin
  • Works council offers
  • High Speed WiFI
  • Satellite TV by Numéricable

No more stressing about reception opening times! An automatic check-in machine is just outside the hotel, meaning that you can access your room whatever time you arrive. You will be given an access code to enter your room at any time… so relax!


B&B Hotel MARSEILLE Estaque

B&B Hotel in Marseille

Are you looking for a well located, comfortable hotel in Provence Alpes-Côte d’Azur? The doors are open at B&B Hotel Marseille Estaque for a relaxing stay.

A hotel near the Estaque port and Marseille Provence airport

Ready to set sail? Our hotel is near the Estaque boating port, in the perfect location for setting sail and exploring the Frioul Archipelago (7 miles). In terms of access, our hotel is near Marseille Provence airport (10 miles), Marseille Saint-Charles train station (5 miles), and the A55 motorway. 

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